Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Will I die of heat stroke? - Poem: Copycat

It didn't occur to me I might die of heat stroke until I was halfway home.

Drove to the Willow Grove Staples at Terwood and Easton. Backing out of my driveway, the ignition made a strange sound. This was about the fourth time it had done dat.

Dave at Staples told me I wouldn't need my Macafee Virus renewed until mid May, 2019.

But that was on my laptop downstairs. Am now typing on my desktop upstairs. Yes, this is where I'll need the new antivirus. We'll have to bring in the whole tower.

Luckily I was wearing sneakers and not a pair of sandals.

Knowing I'd walk home I stopped into Dunkin Donuts, ordered a croissant with butter, sat and choked it down, I was not hungry but didn't wanna go LOW while walking home and pass out on the sidewalk and be taken for a dead mouse, which I did see on my way home.

Stopped at my nephrologist's office and saw him thru the door. Good, I thought, I'll have him sign that damn Kronic Renal Form. I waited 15 minutes and got it.

Off I went down Terwood Road.

Passed Old School Shakes and Burgers

Image result for old school shakes and burgers

Looked ahead of me and there was a long long stretch where I must walk. I was immensely proud of myself. I kept up a steady pace, my backpack with Grand Canyon of PA on my back.

Since I wasn't wearing sunscreen I wore my blue blouse over my tank top.

Was so intent on walking that I didn't even think.

Found a blue jay feather close to home and held it aloft to put in my front window sill.

Then I fetched the bill from Rems Auto, who inspected my car on June 18, 2018 and told them my problem. They'll send someone over to pick up my car keys.

Today's poem


Throwing aside my purple drapes
I saw an ordinary woman
out for her morning walk.

I changed into my shorts
and rhinestone trimmed
tank top,

sneakers whose tread
gives away killers and

off I went. Not a
soul was about, only
the melody of the birds.

As I walked the dimness
of the outdoors began
to brighten up.

When I mounted the Kiernan Myers
Hill, I was bathed in light.
Had Jesus come down to earth
to save us all?

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