Monday, July 16, 2018

Annual Arts Fest - Part Four

What! It's Monday already!
We often schmooze afterward in the Starbucks Cafe, aka The Beer and Wine Shoppe of the OK Corral. Ellen Rosenberg is with her BF Saint Anthony. Terry Livorsi came late and said our door upstairs was locked. He's in the Recovery Business.... Drug and Alcohol.

Remind me to tell you later that when I first went to Goddard College in Plainfield, VT, I had my first drinks of liquor, other than the Manichevitz Wine on Jewish Holidays.

Here I am again sitting next to Sharon Quinn, who got my name for FB, where I snatched a photo of hubby, Ed Quinn, who took all the photos.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, suit, flower, plant and outdoor

And, as Columbo would say, One more thing!

I wanted total audience participation, so I wrote a list of questions to ask the audience. Got the Q idea from Toastmasters.

I did mention I'm a member of Affinity Toastmasters, which meets at the Giant Supermarket every Thursday night from 6 to 8.

Questions included:

... Think about the last expensive item you bought, whether it's a new watch or new stove. What made you buy it?

... I live on a street where nearly everyone has a pet. Anyone here have a pet? Helen Kirschner, who runs our daytime meetings, used to have wabbits!

... Who's a favorite singer of yours, be it Renee Fleming, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, or Steely Dan, tho Walt Becker died last year.

... What are you addicted to? Suggestions: Coffee, Facebook, Netflix.

There's so much more to write but my fingers are getting tired and my bed with 15 books is calling me. I'll pick up the Jack Reacher book. Janet Maslin said it's one of the best books of the year. I find it repetitious and very slow going.

But I do have to finish it.

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