Saturday, June 16, 2018


Letter to Texas Senators, Cornyn and Cruz and Congressman Burgess

I write this even though I am not naïve enough to believe that any of your staff members will ever let you see this message.  But, I go on.
Who are you?  Did you ever have the illusion that you were once a man of honesty, dignity and a man sure of his personal integrity?  If you ever did, you need to rethink who you are now.
Do you really have nothing to say about children being torn from their mothers who followed the law of seeking asylum only to have their children taken away?
Do you believe you are a true Christian and, thus, support Jeff Sessions in advocating this policy as defined by the Apostle Paul?  Do you really believe that to persist in this abhorrent and evil policy is doing, as Sarah Sanders says, following the edict that it is “biblical to follow the law”?  If you believe that, Jesus is hanging his head in shame!  As should you.
A special place in HELL for PM Trudeau?  Canada is a threat to Homeland Security? Canada burned down the White House in 1812? Douglas Frederick is still alive? Conservative values against increased deficit spending?  Alienating our closest allies?  Walking away from the Paris Climate Accords?  Childish name calling by America’s President?  Walking away from TPP?  (Go China!) Obama opening relationships with Cuba!  Have you see Rep. Lee Zellers rant against that effort?  Uh, yeah, Trump really did well in North Korea.  Sorry, that should be North Korea did really well with Trump.  No more exercises with South Korea. (Go Kim Jung Un!)
You know I could go on.  Bottom line?  You and many of your fellow Republicans are cowed and bowed with your only reason for being, for living, is to be re-elected.  Damn the oath you took to protect the Constitution.  It’s not about America and our democracy.  It is all about you, only about you.
I have only one question to ask.  Is this the legacy you want to leave your children?

Dr. Mary Begis
PS - MARY told me she has gotten lots of requests to circulate her letter.

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