Friday, June 1, 2018

Coffee coffee coffee

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I even bought my first one-pound bag of Original Dunkin Dunuts Coffee, 100% Arabica.

Image result for one pound dunkin donuts coffee   Proudly perched on my coffee shelf.


My former lover, Dairy Queen, can be seen
beckoning just over the hill from my supermarket.
The larger-than-life billboards are like pin-ups from
World War II, Jane Russell, Betty Grable,
The Vargas Girls

Instead my car and I drove to
Dunkin' Donuts where I bought
an Iced Chocolate Drink under
the tutelege of the of the owner

Didna tell him it's way too sweet
so I added more ice cubes when
I arrived home just now.

Dunkin's a Venus Fly Trap so
I ordered a croissant, toasted,
and chomped away, dreaming
of eating every single doughnut
on the shelf, hearing the rustling
of the paper as I smoosh each
and every one into me mouth.

AFTER EXERCISING FOR 20 minutes, I plan to start my short story ARREST THAT MAN!

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