Sunday, June 10, 2018

PART ONE - BBQ at Ken's House - Story TUNNELS - Car Show

Image may contain: 4 people, including Ruth Greenwold Deming, people sitting, people standing, table and indoor Got this pic off Facebook.

Why did I get out of bed - it's nearly 2 am - oh, b/c I wanna write a poem.

Went to a Lions Club car show held at Upper Moreland Middle School. Scott took loads of pix but we didn't go together.

I don't take pix anymore bc of my lousy camera uploading problem.

I rarely eat meat anymore but had two delicious burgers that Ken BBQd. Plus cole slaw. I brought Boars Head hummus.

Was mesmerized for two days while watching THE STAIRCASE on Netflix.

Below is the director. Read about documentary film director here. Forget it. won't work. Gotta get out of here. I seem to be trapped.  Michael Peterson, alleged killer, is below.

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