Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Days of Blueberry Blahs - The Letter to the Editor that Never Was

What in tarnation?

Into my egg a little white rice must fall. Leftover from Mandarin Garden. And then the usual .... whole egg (quack quack) garlic, frozen spinach, and onions.

I like to eat while doing something.

Terrible news on the Times...what's that idiot gotten us into now.

So I checked Netflix and am still watching Fred Amisen, the drummer, but then he says, Ruth Deming, who dat? Original and funny.

Armisen speaking at Cinequest film festival, San Jose, CA 2017

But that was this morning. Now it's afternoon. Just woke up after the friggin sound of a phone call.

Oh no! Who could that be? Lana, Anna, Danielle, Dana, Superman, Candace.

Konk! I'm back to sleep again.

It is POURING outside. Just came down and ate a Mandarin orange for my cold.

My forced forsythia in a corner of the kitchen on my decorated ladder.

So I call Dan.

Bubby's on, he calls. Who wants to talk to her?

Max is gets one.

What's doin, kid?

I'm building with Legos.

Are you building a tower?

No, I'm building a house.


Dyou have a cold, Max?

Yeah, but it's getting better, he says.

Daddy and Grace have colds but not Mommy.

And, we're trained to say, It's getting better.

Then I call Mom and tell her the story.

This has been laying around the kitchen for about 5 yrs.

John M, designed them for our then writing group. I listened to him endlessly when he was going thru a divorce. His wife had already picked out his successor. Why not?

The guy 'owed' me hundreds of dollars of therapy fees so I asked him to print us out a hundred brochures.

Extremely well done! He's an artist. Bipolar.

So I went over to his apt in Jenkintown to pick em up.

Went into the baffroom, and locked myself in there.

Pull pull pull


Now we're getting THE COMPASS ready. I have no idea how to write now that I'm sick. This is no joke.

Did I tell you the rice was crunchy? Too crunchy? Or did I tell that to Mom or Nancy?

Am going back to bed.

Scott stopped by this morning. He too is getting better.

Should I have anudder Mandarin orange?

Sometimes there's just no one to ask.


Blueberries have not helped
nor strawberries either though
they twinkle on the plate
and do their best to please

My bags are packed, I check
my watch to see when the limo
will get here

for I'm foreign bound
a little cafe across the
sea, Renoir's Cafe, tis true

And there I will sip my cafe au lait, just so,
bask my head in the sunshine, flirt with
the garcons, and walk along the swirling
Seine, forgetting all about home. 

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"Of Gods and Men" was the featured film at the Upper Moreland Free Public Library on Sunday, Jan. 21. The third Sunday Cinema brought out 30 people for this intense and mystifying film about Trappist monks in Algeria.

Discussion leader Maurizio Giammarco, PhD, asked pertinent questions from the audience to get us thinking, even as we mused about the Eagles playing the Vikings that evening.

Giammarco, a slender, casually dressed film teacher at Temple University, always brings "treats" for the audience, reflecting his Italian heritage. Think: cannolis and powdered sugar cookies.

Those are simply the frills. His choice of films is always superb. A visionary, he has pondered and reflected on the films and wants his audience - of mostly seniors - to find deeper meanings, such as the music, the dialogue, the lighting.

He remembers our names and insists we think on our feet.

On Feb. 18, join us for "Carnage."

Ruth Z. Deming
Willow Grove, PA
215 659 2142

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When I took my laptop to be fixed, Joe said, "You write all these emails?"

Then he advised me to put things in the trash.

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