Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Eagles won the championship after 57 years! Poem: Golligog's Cakewalk

 Scott and I watched together. He was a nervous wreck, pacing back and forth.

I was at home watching MANNIX on the Decades Channel and submitting my final two true stories.

Just wrote Mom and said I have a terrible cold. Thanks to Scott he brought me delicious chicken and dumpling soup.

I do feel awful, but it's only temporary.


Do these words mean anything to you?
Not unless you're Jonathan Biss or
Ethan Iverson.

The Cakewalk is a sprightly dance
by Debussy I played on our living room piano.
A friend of mine who served in Vietnam
called the composer De Bussy. It made me

I was trying to get him to like classical music
the way he liked Paint it Black and Sky Pilot
as he sat in foxholes hoping the gooks would
pass them by.

Dave Moyer is still alive I'm sure, if he hadn't
melted away from Agent Orange. Originally from Lansing,
I wonder if he was at the Eagles game last night in
that huge stadium like the Sistine Chapel,
guzzling beer from paper cups, hugging his grandchildren
and hearing Golliwog's Cakewalk when Nick Foles
handed off the football for the final touchdown.


Here's what the Boston Herald said about their Patriots.

Actually look it up yourselves as my blogspot is having and touch time.

And, yes, Cakewalk is indeed a derogatory term.

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