Monday, February 12, 2018

Official portraits of Michele Obama and Barack Obama - Unique Valentine Card

In the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, here are two unusual and modern portraits of the former First Lady and the former President of the U.S.

Image result for barack and michelle official portraits

Image result for michelle obama official portrait      The portrait artists are award-winning African-American artists.

View here.

Here's a poem I wrote this morning before leaving for my Monday Volunteer Job at Adult Daycare on York Road.


The dead autumn leaves are racing each other
up the street, the backpacked school kids have
left to pursue the world of eraserboards
and laptops, and I am listening to Billy Hart
on drums in the kitchen, an Ethan Iverson leftover
(he's on there, too)

Awaiting the moment to crack my first egg to make breakfast
Dinosaur? Grace would laugh. Peacock? Didn't we have the option at The Pennsylvania State Fair?

Make mine a plain ole white egg. Such stories carried
within there! Must I remind you that "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny"

A gust of fresh air enters and sends me off to the kitchen
there to crack the first egg of a million years ago.

We are doing well on The Compass. Front cover will be a Marina in Key Largo.

Back cover a melange of Superbowl Photos.

As always, Mark Amos of Buxmont does a great job telling me what pix will or won't work.

Sent a Valentine Card to Sarah and Ethan today. Made the card with the Rice Carton from Mandarin Garden.

Was on the way to the PO, when at the bottom of my street, was a mailman, Chinese, I believe. He assured me it would arrive just fine. 

 Made it in the kitchen with scissors and Scotch tape. Then ran upstairs to type a note on my new HP printer.

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