Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mmm Good, This Earl Gray Tea


How delightful it is sitting on the veranda
here in Calabria, Italy, the warm temp is
simply divine, this tea has a flavor as sweet
as the songbirds flitting all about.

Scuse me as I take another sip, pinkie lifted
in this fine blue cup. Amazing how the Oil of
Bergamat makes it safely throughout the world,
do they drink Earl Grey at the Pyongyang Olympics
where the wind often blows skiiers off course?

Ah, time for me to start my day. Won't you join me
here at my yellow house? I'll put the tea kettle on.


Just came home from eating at the COLONIAL QUY BAU restaurant.

Image result for colonial buy restaurant willow grove
My sister Lynn picked me up. I said even tho Mandarin Garden is closing, let's go somewhere else.

We both loved it. Kelly was our waitress. She wore dogtags around her neck to remind her of her late father.

Then she insisted we go to the Willow Grove mall.

Off we went!

Neither of us have been there in ages. First thing we saw was a gelato place.

I had a Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato, Lynn had a Carrot and Orange atop a chocolato.

We walked around the mall for exercise, me wearing my Chinese slippers.

Lynn is currently under the influence of the late great Louise Hay, who can be heard on YouTube. She listens in the car.

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