Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Poems: The Leafman Cometh - You Are Invited (to the Medical School of Oklahoma City)


A noise like B-52s
summoned me from my
bed. Damn! They had just
caught the arsonist
in my book. Finally!

Fantasy or reality
which is more important?

Pulling back my drapes
a magnificent machine
greeted my eyes.

The Leaf Vacuum Machine!
What a beaut she was.
Bright yellow body
shining under the early
morning sun. And a hose -
for sucking up leaves -
black as a witch's hat.
As my friend Carl Yeager
would say, What can I do
with this?

Nothing I could think of.
I'm not a painter, nor a
photographer, nor a
jewelry maker.

That's it! A charm bracelet
with dangling leaf vacuums
between my ancient baby teeth.


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A QUIET PASSION about Emily Dickinson is a film I checked outa the library.

It would not play here on my laptop.

Grrrrrrrr! This is the universal symbol for I'm angry as hell!

Perhaps it's on YouTube, I thought.

Instead I watched the entire one-woman play THE BELLE OF AMHERST. 

It was brilliant! Funny, irreverant, sad, but Emily always believed in herself.

Then I watched an interview with her. No wonder I'm so tired today.

Image result for julie harris  Julie Harris - read about her on Wiki - December 2, 1925 – August 24, 2013


Dear Authors and Artists,
the email read, flattering
me immensely, because
the University of Oklahoma
Medical School published
two of my essays, I have been
invited to their gala reception.

Of course I shan't go. How could
I miss the glorious autumn leaves
that right now twist on the
trees on our street and then
flutter down gracefully, like
golden saucers.

Across the room I have a huge pot
filled with Halloween candy I bought
last night at Giant. It is beautiful
to me, tho I shan't eat a single
mini Hershey Bar or KitKat, oh that
crunch that makes the creatures that
dwell with me, alarmed - you know,
the spiders, the tiny mites that tiptoe
through the kitchen door.

And the story I will write sometime today
- ideas anyone? - to present to the Thursday
morning writing group, starring Linda, Marlene
and Lori.

There's still time to pack. Of course I'd include
a couple of books and my favorite nightgown my
sister Donna gave me, brown and white stripes
and I'd open up the motel room door and say
Pleased to meetcha!


I've got a quarter of an inch worth of reading to finish American Fire.

Ladies and gentlemen, can she do it?

Image result for american fire

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