Sunday, October 22, 2017

Poem: Scott's New Upstairs Bathroom - A Driveway Moment (about dancing) - Hunger (cruise ship)

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PS - What shall I nosh on now? Ideas, please!


Together we picked out
the sink and attending cabinature
the toilet - lots to choose from -
he got a Kohler - mirror opening
to medicine chest

and elegant floor tiles.

As soon as Walmsey and Sons
had lain them in place
I coveted them, despite
Biblical precepts.

Ever heard of a seraglio?
Turkish for harem.
These very same tiles
or ones like them
were used in these
prisons for all who
lived there.

Certainly they had everything!
Hot baths, the best meats and
chicken and oysters, grapes
to dangle before your mouth
and clothing much finer than those
in films by Cecile B Demill.

Surely you know people will escape.
Shall we join them and run through the woodlands?
What will happen to us? Ah, a few moments of
freedom, the fresh pine air, the wide blue sky
the soft pine needles underfoot.

Life is short, like the waning moon.
Celebrate now before it's too late.

They're called Devo and who am I to say that they look like alien beings?  


Pulling into the drive
I couldn't believe the
great song on the radio

I have radios in four rooms
of my house. Click! I turned
on the living room radio. Damn!
Water Music by Handel came on.

I raced into the kitchen sliding
on the kitchen floor. Click!
There it was. Was I up for
dancing? For kicking my legs
like the Rockettes?

Into the living room I went.
A newly bought pumpkin
grimaced at me. Years ago
I led a dance ensemble of
one at Horsham Clinic.

One man, named Fred, said
"Dig her shoes." Beige with
a zipper.
Now I wear these Chinese
slippers I bought online.

I played the song on YouTube.
Rhythm as fast as the drums
of Gene Krupa or Dave King
I spun around like a Bolshoi

Baby, baby, baby, I can't get
no satisfaction, because I'm
on a losing streak.

Cocaine's addictive but this
is even worse. How many times
ya gonna press "replay," Ruthie?

Dinner is calling.


Was reading some work on Page and Spine. The work is pretty good. One man had a great quote:

Paul ValĂ©ry has written about poetry that “the Gods give you the first verse.”


Just submitted THE LONG HAPPY LIFE OF CARROLL BEAME to Pure Slush. What a long wait we have until we find out if it's published.

End of November.



Funny, but I'm
rarely hungry at
breakfast, yet that's
when you're supposed to eat
and I do.

The ferocious hunger comes
at bedtime, when, lying in
bed, I close my eyes and
imagine I'm on a world-
famous cruise ship

And sitting next to
his lord and ladyship
am served Cream of Asparagus
Soup with Oyster Crackers,
a mild sherry to wash it
down with, then Peking Duck
so crunchy and delicious you
forget it was once alive,
with garlic whipped mashed
potatoes and carrots julienne

Will you have dessert, Madame?
a smart bow-tied waiter asks.
Of course, I say. The pecan pie,
the lemon meringue, the peach cobbler,
tiny pieces of each, I say in my
best parlez-vous francais.

By now I am rocked to sleep by
the movement of the boat. When
I awaken, it's just another day.   

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