Thursday, October 12, 2017

Getting Bettah All the Time

Look at what the human body can do, when challenged.

FROM WHYY --Morgan Hurd walked through her gym Wednesday wearing two large shining medals that swung heavily against her small frame.

Her braces glistening, the 16-year-old gymnast smiled ear to ear as young girls cheered, waved American flags and greeted her with hugs.

Morgan has just returned from Montreal, where she became the first Delawarean to win a world championship title in gymnastics. The Middletown resident is only the 8th American woman to win gold in the all-around event at worlds — where she also won a silver medal for balance beam.
“I felt incredible, I was so happy, I started crying, actually,” she said.

What you can't see in the picture is that Morgan is wearing eyeglasses.

Not only has Morgan received attention for her quick rise to the top, but also for her bubbly personality, and for wearing glasses during competition.

She wears a strap that hooks to the back of her glasses and wraps around her head so it stays in place. Morgan tried contact lenses, but sometimes chalk would get in them, and she’d waste her practice time trying to clean them out.

“I’ve gotten [attention for my glasses] ever since I started competing, because there’s really only been one other known gymnast, Kami Moore, that competed in glasses,” she said. “It’s just such an uncommon thing, because people think they can’t do it, because they’re afraid they’re going to break or something.”

Read more here and watch video


More on Scott's renovation. The Walmsey Guys put in the bathtub today. Scott couldn't leave home since they needed to ask him questions.

I viewed it but you can't really see it.

Scott, let's take a walk in the Pennypack. We drove over, said hello to Lauren, David had already left. These are the last precious seconds for Lauren who is on vacation.

Twas certainly good to see the place again. My left leg was hurting tho so we couldn't go as far as we would have liked.

Prior to that I went to Mom's house where my nephew Alex Pomper was visiting.  Can we get a shot of this photographer off the Net?

Image result for alexander pomper   Tyler picked him up at the airport, with his wife Kamelia and son David. All in a tiny little car like the many clowns who come piling out.

Siri... please send in the clowns

Image result for clowns coming out of a car

Before we walked at the Pennypack, we stopped at the police station.

Hi, I said, where do I drop off my drugs.

In the green box, ma'am.

And so I did. Many were over 10 yrs old

Percodans, Percosetts, Oxycontin....several bottles of each.

How do I feel now that I did it?


The same.

Gonna go watch Sherlock Holmes videos at Scott's. They came from the East Cheltenham Library.

He said we like those British names, Basil and Nigel.

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