Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Went to B's for lunch - Poem: Dairy Queen

Brought the remainder of my veggie soup to Beatriz's.

  Old foto of veggie soup.

Also brought Triscuits and chive cream cheese.

Like me, she eats in the living room.

Wait a minute, she said, and raised up her coffee table, so it came up to my waist so I could eat.

She got it at Gamburg's, which is still there after all these years. It's in Hatboro.

Image result for gamburgs furniture store  

 B's son Steven came downstairs to use the microwave. His cat Simba came down with him. What a beautiful cat. Blue eyes. Very delicate.

B gave me some cat nip to feed him. Told me how to do it.

You'll be friends for life, she said.

BTW, I've gotta stay up for hours and hours submitting to a lit mag called GLINT. Due in two days. Well, it's not like I'm writing a dissertation.

Last night on TV was a program about having trials for men responsible for genocide. This is the first time these men have ever been brought to trial. One of the judges was none other than Benjamin Ferenz, who presided at the Nuremburg Trials.

He is one well-spoken seeker of justice. Let's applaud this 95-yo man whose parents had the foresight to leave Romania when they first started rounding up the Jews.

 Benjamin Ferencz - Chief Prosecutor in 1947 Einsatzgruppen Trial - In Courtroom 600 Where Nuremberg Trials Were Held - Palace of Justice - Nuremberg-Nurnberg - Germany - 02.jpg
Even though I don't know the man, I feel like called him Uncle Benny.

Fell fast asleep at Scott's while watching the news. You know what the NY Times motto is:  All the sh*t that's fit to print.

The news was pretty disgusting. I always wonder what Fashionista Judy Woodruff will be wearing.

Image result for judy woodruff   She was interviewing two people about the Supreme Court nominee Neal Nonesuch. (Can't remember his real name). Looks like he'll be confirmed. One of the panelists, a curly-haired black woman kept talking about Obama's appointee, Merick Garland, if that indeed was his name.

C'mon, curly-head, you're wasting our time. Let's move forward.

When I got home from Scott's I took my sugar. LOW.

Stuffed myself. Then drove Scott to the train and I drove off to the Dairy Queen.

Finished my drink when I got home and I also had SAUERKRAUT on my dangling reading glasses. What's a girl to do but lick it off and then wash em off.


I order "the usual,"
Mocha Iced coffee, the
chocolate fresh as a
Hershey Kiss dropped
straight from the
coffee tree

Ice that delights and
swirls around my mouth
spinning like Nureyev
in all the right places.

The chili hot dog was gooood.
I sat on my usual bench, fresh
winds blowing in my face. A treat
from the gulag.

The Toyota Family piled inside
their high-born carriage.
Dad was drinking Snapple. Remember
the various flavors? Raspberry
tea was my favorite.
Mom steadies her sundae as
she claims the front seat,
looking with her blonde bouncy
curls like a kid. The two
boys race into the back seat.
"Ever see pink ice cream like
this?" one says to his brother.

Enjoy these days of your childhood!
I, too, was once young. Rock in the
cradle of the love of your families.
Listen to what each one has to say
and state your own mind. Be heard!
Kneel down and say your vespers
before bed like Christopher Robin
and dream yourself to sleep.

Dyou believe I haven't ridden my bike yet?

Upstairs I go to read a new book I bought at the Abington Library.

You'll be the first to know when I remember the name. It's quite good.

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