Sunday, March 12, 2017

Shopping at the Giant

Image result for irish creme coffee   I'm not gonna fight the urge to order coffee at the Giant.

Kathy with the beautiful nails gave me a medium-size which I sipped as I shopped. It was actually free as I used my Coffee Club card.

Speaking of clubs, I visited the Upper Moreland Library last night, filled out a Yellow Idea Card, and requested that the library host a monthly Sunday Film Noir Club.

Rem from our Writing Group thought it was a great idea.

Scott will be over in an hour for a salmon (rushdie) dinner. Debbie told me to buy a pound. Comes from Chile. I made it early but will heat it up when he comes. While cooking, I listen to the audio book

Image result for cut and run book ridley pearson

Crime fiction, my favorite genre.

I am so starving now you can practically see my ribs.

Yesterday wrote The Bus Trip for our writing group. As usual I started it late, 10 am, with the group starting at 1:30 pm.

A PBS documentary appeared about Flannery O'Connor and I wanted to write about someone making a pilgrimage to her final home Andalusia Farms.

Huge turnout at the writers group, maybe 11.

Am too hungry now to write about the great work each person did. Linda Barrett, mon dieu, can that girl write poetry.

Watched three outstanding film noirs the other night, commercial free, on YouTube.

A Blast of Silence, Jigsaw, and the young Wm Shatner in the 1962 film by Roger Corman called The Intruder.

Image result for william shatner

Listen to conversation between the late Roger Corman and Bill Shatner.

Poem of the Day


Pushing my small cart
around the store, I go
early before the crowd.

Is it true we're having a
hurricane, Jack? He shrugs
and asks if I want a box
to put my groceries in.

Got one already, I say.

Wheeling around the corner
where pretzels and salty chips
are displayed, someone has
plopped a sketch pad in the middle.

A sketch pad! I was moved by the
paintings of Britisher Howard Hodgkin,
who died at 84, the other day.

How kind of him or God
or Fate to tantalize me
with the thought of
painting throughout
the night.


I lugged into the car about 15 Compass to deliver after my morning job at Symphony Manor. The two songs we'll sing are SUMMERTIME and DANNY BOY.

Last night I was listening to WDVR, Delaware Valley Radio, where they were playing the oldies...doo wop.

Fantastic show.

I heard the BEST RENDITION of Summertime I've ever heard. Wrote the DJ but he never answered to tell me the singers.

Listen here. Great, n'est-ce pas?

Could it be the Marcels from Pittsburgh PA?

Their signature song, of course, is the Rogers and Hart tune, Blue Moon.

BTW, Scott loved the salmon.


Guess what I'm gonna watch tonight at 7 pm?

Catholicism: The Pivotal Players on PBS.

There's a website I wanna submit to where you write about a war story. I did get a couple of em published on anudder website, but wanna try this one.

Since watching the film Rust and Bone last night, I decided to make it from the point of view of a little boy. I have it all planned out now.


Who could that be on the phone?

Oh, someone I sent a postcard to!


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