Thursday, March 2, 2017

Amazon screws up but the lady from the Philippines fixes it - Poem: Garbage Night - Blog by Stephen Fratello0

Testing! Testing!

Tried to blog something but it wouldn't work.

Okay, now she works!

The problem was that I copied something I received from

Woke up in the mil of the night to a note saying my A T and T telephone will soon be shipped.

I had cancelled it twice, so called this a m  and spoke to Peanat from the Philippines. I didn't tell her my entire life story, just part of it.

There's a wind storm with the winds coming at 50 mph.

Bob, the fastidious guy across the street, had his trash scattered all across the street.

Image result for trash     Great guy that he is, he picked up every single piece.

When I was talking to Marcy from CA last nite, I said to her, there's a cold breeze, gotta check downstairs.

Sure enuf, the door to my back porch was wide open! Twas freezing cold down there.

Marcy wanted me to watch a video on that little message box I can't stand.

Before I do, I said, I've gotta write a poem and post it, which I did. Took about 20 mins to write.


All along Cowbell Road
we await our turn.
The battered green
recyclable bins
filled with empty plastic bottles
of water, crushed beer cans,
stacks of pizza boxes, still
smelling of cheese and pepperoni

It's nice out here in the pre-dawn
Quite a wind, though, her plastic
garbage can had tumbled into the street
the lid still on, containing the
remains of her Novolog diabetes
pen, puffs of dust from her new
Miss Bissell carpet sweeper

The stars glitter like ice
in the sky, bidding us
adieu. Garbage! Precious
to the bins, the winds
and the darkest of skies.


I've probly written 20 poems about garbage night.


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The Compass graphic designer writes we need two more pages. One of Stephen's blog posts will appear, as will one of Martha's poems.

She's wrin so many good uns I don't know which to choose.


Just watched a wonderful documentary about Flannery O'Connor.

Altho I set my timer for last night's program, I slept right thru it, so I watched this morning at 8 pm.

Took my breakfast up in bed with me, plus a cuppa coffee left over from OUTBACK.

My friend Teresa, a family member, gave me a $25 gift card for Outback. Met Judy there and we had a delicious meal, which was less than $25, so I got the coffee w the remaining money.

It was terribly dark at Outback. We could barely read the menu.

My plan for today is to submit to Blood and Thunder, a health-related mag from Oklahoma. I have until May.

I found a terrific poem on me blog I'd forgotten all about.


The Isles of Langerhas sounds like a lovely place
to visit. In fact, I just bought a ticket on a
cruise ship. Sure wish Lillian "Jackson,"
former librarian, could be there. Dead
of complications of diabetes.

The brochure informs me that many people
with progressive conditions will be on board.
Each will have their own state room and
steward. We'll all be treated swell, as
our conditions get the jump on us
Hospice will be provided. Just in case.

ALS, Parkinsons, Lou Gehrigs, Lewy Body
Alzheimer's. Songfests will be held on
the Upper Deck as the Atlantic swells
before us. I shall eat my coddled egg
on buttered whole wheat toast and
inject an even 12, as I sashay among
the passengers, thankful mine is
only fucking diabetes

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