Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's so much fun being a grown-up

That's what I said to myself when walking into my house. You can do so many things w/o asking Harold or Bernice.

But you have to keep your eyes and ears open about what's happening in the real world. Today is the live broadcast of Nixon in China from the Met in New York. Sarah bought us two tickets, behind a pillar, so I've gotta think about going down. My friend Jenofsky told me there's a bus that goes to Port Authority from 30th Street Station downtown.

Travel travel travel.

John Adams, the composer and conductor of today's opera, was just interviewed after the first act. NIC was his first opera. The idea of the opera was suggested to him and after initially rejecting the idea, he thought, Why not? A historic moment and terrific characters, all of whom he makes come alive. Adams was only 40 when he wrote the music back in 1987.

The opera is also playing in theatres around us. I suppose it's liking watching a football game on TV rathan in the excitement of the arena.

I can get pretty excited in my living room.

When I told my mom I was making a whole chicken, she was surprised, telling me she always buys the parts. But you know what? I am really excited to make my very first whole chicken in many years. I consulted both Judy Diaz and the Internet for ideas, then came up with my own Ruth Deming chicken.

As I was cleaning it out in the sink, and you can't help but notice it used to be alive, with its two legs rather like our own, as I was cleaning out the cavity, I thought, This is what it's like to be a surgeon.

Has anyone ever transplanted their own kidney? They do lots of emergency surgery in cowboy movies or war movies but I think a kidney transplant is a little bit over the top.

Thanks, Judy, for suggesting I add mushrooms to the stuffing.

Madame Mao would interrupt a cultural performance if it didn't adhere to cultural dogma.

Hurray for Cairo! You did it! The people rule. (We hope.)

Forgive these enthusiastic outbursts. Even my mother was happy for the Egyptians.

Noam and Elena came over this morning to hang up some pictures of mine cuz I cannot stand bare walls. Nature abhors a vacuum, as Noam said. If only your dad were alive, I said. His dad died several years ago after deteriorating quickly from Parkinson's. I told Noam I absolutely believe in taking your life if there is absolutely no hope. I'm a member of Compassionate Choices.
A Strawberry for Grace.

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