Friday, February 11, 2011

A Busy Day Doing Nothing

The last thing this girl should be doing is blogging. Gotta get ready for my Valentine's Day Party tomorrow.

Wouldn't you know it? My phone went dead yesterday. Here's a photo to remember it by.

With great difficulty I assembled my new phone last nite, purchased at my alltime worst store, Wal*Mart. I hate the way it smells, I hate the long cavernous building of nothing but things things things. The service is terrible, nonexistent even tho they weren't crowded.

I daresay it'll be some time before I learn how to use this phone. Too many buttons.

I have 2 phone lines at home. I called my home phone from the New Directions line in the basement. It's not listed under New Directions, a business, but listed in MY name b/c it's cheaper. Simon figgered that out for me. Remember he's the first guy I'm gonna see in the Afterlife.

When it rang this morning, I jumped. It was Scott. "If you are very quiet, you can take a picture of the deer," he said. "They're lying down in my backyard."

Doubleclick on image to see two deer, Dear.

Doubleclick to find them.

I went wild today sending out Valentine cards. Hand-delivered two to catty-corner Kiernans. They have two little boys. I also gave them a bottle of wine w/a note belatedly thanking Patrick for shoveling me out during the blizzard.

Bought these $30 shoes at Walmart, Dr Scholl's gel-pack. Walked to Patrick's in them, wore them while typing. They kill my feet. Don't tell me I've gotta go back to my worst store again.

Note the handpainted wipe-your-feet on this mat when you enter my house.

Knees of the blogger.

This young deer greeted me when I came home from Walmart.

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