Friday, February 4, 2011

Knock knock knock

Thank you Officer Krupke, er, Rudas

It's 10:05 am and I'm fast asleep. Who wouldn't be after blogging at 5 in the morning?

Suddenly I'm awakened by someone knocking on my door knocker.

I wake quickly, figure it must be one of the Asplundh tree guys who are working on our street, I'm wearing my long pants to bed and a long thermal undershirt like John Adams has on in the previous blog.

I can't see cuz my contacts are in their case right next to me in bed.

A big white guy is standing outside with a briefcase. He has a mop of gray-white hair.

I'm here about the roof, he says.

The roof? I say incredulous.

Yes, he says, is this you?

He shows me a typed-up invoice with my address.

Yeah, but I didn't order a new roof.

How bout a sun room? he says.

No, I said. You must mean someone else.

He leaves. And I ponder. Remembering that Coach Iris told me to keep my blog posts short, I figger here's a good story to write about.

I've changed my mind and think it's a terrible story but I don't wanna waste all these words.

In the middle of the blog, I think, Maybe I should call the police. Maybe this is some sort of scam.

In no time Officer Rudas knocks on my door.

I ask him to follow me into the kitchen where I'm frying an egg. His eyes take in everything. You can see him looking all around.

He doesn't think it's a scam tho he says it was a good idea for me to call. Usually the con man parks at the end of the block - not in the driveway as did this man, whose name it now occurs to me - something like Larry White - AMAZING how this info comes to me in pieces - and usually they canvas the neighborhood when there's no one around.

I snap the officer's photo as he leaves, asking if it's okay to do so, and tell him it's for my blog.

I explain what a blog is.


  1. That sounds pretty scary to me. I don't trust that guy at all.

    Where is the pic of Officer Rudas?

  2. pics will be coming along soon. i took my canon to a camera repair shop and asked the man to teach me how to use it. the reason my photos were not unloading onto the computer was i needed a new battery which i bought from him, thus justifying my visit cuz i took up his time while he showed me the basix of camera operation.

  3. Hey, Coach Iris should practice what she preaches more..It isn't that short is good or bad. I find the meanderings of your mind fascinating always but I think that sometimes when there are so many topics in one post, it is hard for a reader to follow. What do other readers think? Maybe you can ask them to chime in?

    As for the guy with the fake invoice who came to your door, very scary and I would have called the cops also.

    Glad there was nothing seriously wrong with the camera.

  4. I say - go ahead and write whatever the hell you feel like writing. Some folks will read it all, some won't, some will read it all one day and then on another day they will be overwhelmed by other things and then they will catch up again.

    That's what I say.

  5. i always like what you say bill and i like what you write. that's why i'm going right on over to your blog right now.