Saturday, February 5, 2011

Have batteries, will take photos: Let the Auto do the Work

Bob looks like he's making a bread. You'll read about him below.

The familiar cell phone number appeared on my Caller ID. (Double-click and you'll see the egg cooking in the pan I bought at a second-hand shop.)

Pam-a-lah! I sang into the phone.

Ruth-a-la! she sang back.

An hour later she was here, having eggs and toast in my kitchen, and a handful of almonds. Jewish mothers are always starving when they visit each others' homes.

Then off we went in her van to the Hiway to see The King's Speech. Excellent, but True Grit w/Jeff Bridges is still my favorite movie of the year. Great story, strong characters, fine acting, bravery and integrity.

We talked of many things. I gave her a bundle of Compasses to give to her colleagues at Norristown State Hospital where she works.

After they rang us up at the Hiway - it cost $22 including candy - I said, Wait a minute. I'm a senior.

You are? said the attractive person behind the counter who I couldn't tell if they were a man or a woman.

Yes, I said ensconced in my beret and scarf, but my sinking jowls must've shown thru, Yes I'm 65, I said.

Next day I drove 6 minutes away to get some camera instruction. Altho I bought it at Staples they have no patience to show me the finer points of my Canon. Quick! Free associate: Canon of literature. Cannonball Adderly. Cannon in front of the Logan Inn in New Hope PA.

The name of the unprepossessing shop is Authorized Camera Repair. They do a brisk business. Bob held my camera in his hand and showed me what all the buttons meant while I took notes and said, Lemme try it myself.

Now that I'm home I can't remember a thing.

Let the Auto Button do the work for you, he said.

Notes on camera use

Reason I was having so much trouble, he said, was cuz my battery was low. I bought two new batteries there and succeeded in taking pics of the deer when they come in to suck all the seeds out of Scott's birdfeeder.

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