Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Dr. Ruth - Two-timin' musician

My good friend "Barbara" sent me an email this morning asking my advice on a romantic matter.

BARB: i got this e-mail from the Musician i found sooooooo darn attractive and he is in a relationship....in my opinion, he still has an interest in me on some level. i could be imagining this...but, i think not, because why would he e-mail me. anyways, i would like to e-mail something back.......any "dr. ruth" words of wisdom would be most appreciated.

DR RUTH: the best response is no response.

ask yourself: why am i interested in seeing a man who:
lies - or hides the truth
who plays around with me behind his girlfriend's back

by not responding, you don't have to think of a clever response to him or to re-ignite your excitatory nerve cells that go gaga for such a man.

if this alone doesn't allow you to make proper sense of things, just imagine your brother doing the same thing to his wife that The Musician is doing to his girlfriend and to you!

it's about perspective, barbara, seeing the situation in the proper perspective. and then responding in the best way to further your future growth.