Saturday, October 7, 2017

Yoga and Mindfulness - Energizing - Princess Drosophila published - Poem: Yoga Program at the Giant

 Jamie Nichols was our wonderful guide. Catch her at Nourishing Storm in Hatboro PA. 

Katy, below, had a rest from stresses at home like dealing with an adorable rambunctious nearly 3-year-old.

Below.... who would wear a belt to do yoga?  Rich and Scott! Scott wears a belt to work as it's good for lifting heavy loads.

We also had Christina there, a social work intern. I'd forgotten all about taking photos, it's been so long since I lost my beloved purple Nikon.

I was quite challenged. It was difficult to stand on my feet, probly b/c of my protruding disk.

Ada mentioned that in the beginning she found the floor hard but after a while she didn't notice it at all!

In fact, she felt like she was floating.

Jamie commented that Ada had gone to a higher level!

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 As a gift, we gave Jamie some autumn-colored mums and little pumpkins. Jamie had a name for them: Jack-be-littles.

Autumn is her favorite time of year.

Here's my Facebook poem of the day:


The weather is fine, as I dip
into my aromatic egg and cheese
The squirrels are playing
checkers on the sycamore
and the woodpecker is playing
a solo game of Catch the
Tasty Buggers on Nancy's tree

Is that Michael Pretorius on the radio

A whole host of wonderfuls await
us on this tasty Saturday morning.

Speaking of food, Scott is on vacation and one of our traditions is going out to eat.
We had a spectacular meal at Carabbas on Maryland Road in Willow Grove.

I said to Scott, maybe I'll go in and get a quick M R I!

He said Why don't you buy a new Lexus while you're at it. Thompson Autos moved up here to our neck of the woods.

Laura was our server. She's also going to vet school at Manor College - tough work - and will soon become a vet nurse. She's got a lab retriever pup.

Image result for carrabba's willow grove   We both had salads. He had the trout dish. Everything is grilled which makes it super-delicious.

I ordered butternut squash ravioli. Since it had no protein, Laura added some incredibly tender chicken filets.

For dessert I had the apple cortina. Someone must've invented this dish of a crispy pie crust with soft apples, hazelnut pieces, caramel syrup and vanilla ice cream.

I pushed it away after I was full. Scott said he knew I couldn't eat the whole thing.

As soon as we came home we walked around the block. The long way. I was huffing and puffing.


This is the first time I've used my new Nikon silver camera.

It's a royal pain in the butt.

Remove the card from camera, insert it into the laptop.

You can barely see these slots they're so darn small!


My poem Princess Drosophila was published on In Between Hangovers. View it here.

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When I first went to Goddard College in Plainfield, VT, I would get drunk and feel horrible. It was the thing to do. We do learn as life goes merrily along. Apricot Brandy. Hmm, are the liquor stores still open?

Here are some unpublished photos especially for you, Dear Reader. Anybody on here?

 Buying the camera at Larmon Photo in Jenkintown. Cheaper than the previous camera which is still lost. Unlike the terrible story of the journalist who goes on the submarine to interview the guy. What does he do? Stabs her to death.

On Netflix I'm watching Gerald's Game. Wonder who stars in this film? I've watched half an hour so far. Can't read the cast as it will give too much of the plot away.
To organize my desk I brought downstairs a three-tier inbox. It does help. 

Oh! Before the yoga program today I relaxed on my red couch by listening to Terry Gross interview their TV critic David Bianculli. 

Image result for david bianculli     He's written a new book called The Platinum Age of Television. He profiles many of the early TV heroes in the book, including Louis C K. Can't wait to read it!



Christina, Rich, Ada, The Chod (Scott)
Katy, and Ree-ROW, stood in a circle, touching

Lean to the right, said Jamie.
We held each other up to form a
line of trees.

Arms up, she said, to create leaves
and branches.

Sure enough, the room on the second
floor of the Giant Supermarket
sprouted tall maples, the leaves
glimmering in the light, yet
starting to fall in this,
early autumn.

We missed the ones unable to
be there. My mom, with a newfound
interest in meditation, which she
considers the ability to focus.

Don and Joan from down the street.
He puts vinegar in the cracks on
the sidewalk to keep weeds from
growing there.

Don, don't look now, but your
trick don't work.

My mountain of weeds in my front yard
towers like Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Look real close and you'll see Eva Marie Saint
saved by Cary Grant. She's still alive, though,
he's settled in the crack of eternity.

Go outside now and look at the stars.
A barely visible whiteness across the street
bodes the rising of the moon, in her floor-
length bridal gown. 

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