Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Getting Off Meds - Shari - Poem on Inspector Morse played by the late Jack Thaw

Got off to a late start this morning. Had a late night watching Edward G Robinson movies on TCM at Scott's house, then came home and watched Inspector Morse on YouTube, hence....


Inspector Morse is played by
Jack Thaw. I remember you, I
say to the laptop screen
How once we were young
did our best work, you
bibliophile you, and
now rest under the stars.

I'm not planning on
croaking any time soon,
look how my arms and
legs take these hills
and valleys of the
neighborhood, a wild
pony who still struts
her stuff.


As usual I watered the extensive gardens, sent a friend a postcard, with wetted hair, walked around the hilly block. Hey, I can do it, I can do it, thinks I.

"Shari" is a woman I've known about 10 years. She's a performance artist, a poet, a painter, you name it, she can do it.

Not only does she have bipolar but also allied conditions including PTSD and extreme thoughts of suicide.

And this woman wants to go off meds? She's in her mid to late fifties.

I've written a lot about the topic. Click here for about 7 minutes of fascinating reading.

Shari has a lot going for her that may help her get off meds.

"Jack" is her faithful and loving companion, always there for her.

1 - Work with a psychiatrist to titrate you off (wean). I'm adamant about this.

2 - Prepare.... for the worst. What might happen to me? Suicidal depression. The slower the titrate the better. A 60-yo friend of mine on meds since a teenager got off all her medicine in a year and a half. After each med was thoroughly out of her body, she got flu-like symtpoms and also felt a "ping" in her body.

She's been off for good for five years.

3 - Since I know Shari somewhat, here's what I suggest she do....

Pray. She can pray before getting out of bed or go to synagogue during the day.

Walk. Go for energy-enhancing walks or to the gym, if you belong. The gym is good b/c you'll be around people, which is an energy-enhancer in itself.

Do not stay in bed one more minute than necessary.

Do active activites.


 This is my art room, the former middle bedroom upstairs. Be careful, Ruthie, not to drink the paint water, thinking it's Hot and Cinnamon Spice Tea.
My fave jammies now line an egg carton. Very hard to paste inside. The objects on the left were found in the parking lot of Keystone Screw when I walk Scott to the train.

Image result for double indemnity  Okay to do PASSIVE activities at Naptime or Bedtime but not during the day.

Be with people, Shari. Go visit friends and family who make you feel good about yourself.

Watch out for things that "trigger" you. Once you attended many Suicide Addicition Groups. Stay away from them. No need to call to advise them. Just let it be.

During your titration, visit museums and shrines. How about an inspiring Buddhist temple?

In summation, Shari:

Very slow titration with a psychiatrist.

Use all of your creative skills.

Stay away from "triggers"  - people places things - including certain support groups.

Stay in your spiritual zone.

Cook! Make healthy foods.

Image result for peach pie

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