Friday, August 26, 2016

PART TWO - New Carpet from Specialty Flooring - Finished in a day - Poem PUTTING A CARPET OVER THE BASEMENT LINOLEUM

 Tom remembers being here.
His ecstatic grin after I told him I needed his photo.

Oh, he said, I'll be all over FB.

No, on my blog, I said. He remembered.

His buddy is Brian.

Can you hear him clinking and clanging now with his tools? He's at the top of the stairs.

You can see the previous rug the Travis Family had.

Ah! Just remembered the name..... a shag carpet.

I replaced it when the laundry basin overflowed and the entire downstairs had quarter-inch of water.

My late neighbor Charlie Myers across the street helped me. He knew just what to do. Brought over newspapers. We both stomped them down, absorbing the water. That man knew just about everything. Taught me unforgettable things with the garden. He took early retirement from Proctor and Gamble which was over on Warminster Road bc he had poor circulation in his legs. Smoked Virginia Slims.

Jeepers! The door to my My Charlie Myers compartment just creaked open.

The torn newspapers are in pretty good shape.

 I think Mom helped me choose the pink carpet at Sears. I believe my homeowners paid for it back then. We went a little over the mandated price but we paid the difference bc we loved the carpet so much.
I love these white van work trucks. The two fellows have worked for Nick for many years.

Hard to see. This is linoleum on the basement floor. CLANG CLANG

Black floor with colorful dots.

Kinda looks like the evening sky. Hmmm. Is there a poem in this?

Mom had a pain in her arm, she told me last nite. It's been there four straight days. So I drove her over to Warminster Hospital where she got an X-ray of her arm.

Ellen went too. Ellen's car is suffering from auto-destruct. She'll be driving and suddenly it does strange things like stop running.

We were only there a lil over an hour.

I came home to see the new carpet.

Smooth as pudding.


I am a relentless payer of homage
to things that will disappear
For my newly passed Winnie I have
poured strong coffee grinds over
the plant she gave me, and plucked
off the dead leaves so new ones
can grow

Not so for the basement linoleum
black with tiny colorful spots
that might - we never know -
lead into a parallel universe
where boundless mysteries are
planted, and where, the Almighty
lives on a Golden Throne.

Lucky for us, he is taking questions
by appointment only. Stay where you
are, tilt your head upward, and
whisper, Are you there, sir,
are you there?

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