Thursday, August 11, 2016

Part Two: Should I Be Riding Around on this Hot Hot Day ? Poem: What might stop Donald Trump

Before I left home, I mailed out this postcard.

I'd been trying to sell an old Fortune magazine on Craigslist.

I turned it into a postcard. The cover, which I did not use, was done by artist Ben Shahn.

View his works at the MoMA.

ngDrove to Dr Laura Fitzpatrick's office and requested a packet of diabetes equipment. A month ago one of my meters broke. Luckily I had an extra one she had given me.

On my way there I turned on my car AC, which I rarely do.

I thought I would pass out in the car.

You can do it, Ruthie, you can do it, I told myself.

I doubt I've ever been so hot in my life.

Is there a poem I can write about this? BTW, Scott will be coming by in 20 minutes to say good bye to me as he walks to the SEPTA train station. I walked with him last night.

It's interesting bc he shared his observations with me.

Quotes:  They did a really nice job with the new Kester Fireplace Store. It was b'fully landscaped.

Then, I always see this guy, he said.

Here's a poem I wrote on FB.

Last night on Charlie Rose
The question was posed
What might stop Donald

Remember Blanche in
Streetcar Named
Desire? The men in
white coats came
to take her away.

Oh Happy Day, shouted
the Edwin Hawkins

Take him away, Lord,
take him away.

Listen to Oh Happy Day here.

I lived in San Francisco when the song came out.

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