Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sciatica is very similar to Depression

This is my bed/desk. Everything I need is up here including my feet.

My sciatica is an intense pain in my body. Depression is an intense pain in your being, your psyche. Symptoms:

Loss of pleasure in everything.

Change in appetite. I've lost 9 lbs.

Change in circadian rhythms. I fall asleep at 3 am.

Decrease in activity level. I don't venture outside unless I have to attend a doctor's appt or a bonfire.

Depression almost always gets better at nite. Sciatica never gets better.

And now for the GOOD NEWS!

This morning, for the first time in weeks, I see an improvement. Incremental but still an improvement.

These conditions (sciatica and depression) are always self-limiting - episodic - meaning they'll go away by themselves.

The patient is usually the last one to note improvement but others may say, "I see you're doing more." This is b/c the subjective amount of anguish is still present but mobility arrives first, then the anguish begins to cease.

My rheumatologist called today with the results of my MRI. Essentially nothing has changed since my last attack in 2008. I've made an appt to see my physical therapist Larry Paster RFT in Glenside.

I consider Larry a performance artist. He has a magnetic personality and assigns exercises to all of us. He'll perform his usual wizardry, the last step being having me go on a stationary bike. Reminder: Bring a book to read while on the bike. Scott's gone to the libe to pick up Nine Tailors by mystery writer Dorothy Sayers, recommended by Ethan.

I'm a very independent woman and proud of it. It's important tho to be able to ask people to do favors for you, so I'll put in a call right now to ask Fontaine if she can drive me. She pops me in her backseat where I begin the ride face down but then like the flowers come spring rise up from the dead.


  1. A very apt comparison. Glad to hear that you can see some improvement. PT helped me a lot with my last episode of back pain/piriformis muscle/pelvic girdle issues. I should go back now but for a variety of reasons am not for the present. I hope it does great things for you. That is good news, though, that there are not significant changes since last MRI, even though it may not feel like it right now.

  2. thanks for your great support, iris!

  3. Not only are you independent, but you type with your toes!