Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here we go a'Compassing

Took the phone off hook last nite and worked on the Compass for a couple hours.

My wonderful trusty boyfriend carried my new laptop upstairs so I could work on it in bed, with a little soft music on the rad.

You know, when I used to suffer from manic-depression, I couldn't appreciate music when I'd get depressed. Anhedonia. (Loss of pleasure.) However, with sciatic pain, one is in a constant state of anhedonia.

Pleasure is returning however.

My eyes are delighted by the fall colors.

My ears are delighted by music on the classical station.

My palate is delighted by the taste of breakfast - scrambled eggs, toasted Anadama bread, and sliced green apple.

I require huge hugs from Scott. The power of touch.

Haven't seen Grace Catherine in over a week. O my heart!

Okay, it's upstairs now for me, gotta go a'Compassing.


  1. Keep compassing, keep writing - I admire your toughness when beset with such pain.

  2. no choice, mr kracker, no choice!!!

  3. She will be visiting soon! She is getting over her cold and cough!