Friday, July 16, 2010

Off to the Orchards lickity split

Summertime is Solebury Orchards time. Located outside New Hope PA, it's open Thursday thru Sunday.

I bought a bottle of their ice-cold apple juice w/the sediment on the bottom. Scrumptious!

For breakfast this morning I had their blackberries and blueberries. So delicious! No comparison w/bought fruit. Sorry, Giant.

Rows and rows of blueberry bushes covered with netting so the birds won't get in.

My sister Ellen and I drove 45 minutes to the orchard. We each picked about a pint of blueberries. What a thrill! Dyou remember picking fruit as a kid? Try it sometime. Marcy picks lemons from her lemon tree.

Blueberries grow in sprigs like this.

Manager Freya prepares a batch of apple cider ice in the back. She says they don't have to advertise. They're always busy. Moms and kids were there. When I went to Dan's for dinner I asked if he remembered when I used to take my kids to pick strawberries. He did.


  1. That's a good kitty and a big baby. I hope they will get along well.

    Some of the photos that you are taking amaze me a bit.

    I'm off to Fort Yukon, as usual when I travel it will probably be very hard for me to leave comments anywhere - but I will think of you.

  2. roving bill, i'm sure it's a great feeling to know that while you're traveling your family is well looked after w/margie watching the grandbabes as you travel and take your inimitable photos that entertain and enlighten all who see them. proud to know ya, rovin' billy!