Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Gifts at our Seventh Kidneyversary - Poem: Party Leftovers

Image result for barack obama an intimate portrait   Image result for a fatal grace by louise penny   Bought both of these on Amazon since the Barnes and Noble link was not working properly.

How long should I wait?

Was hoping - silly me! - that Ethan had never heard of Louise Penny and her Inspector Armande Gamache series from au Canada.

Good, he said, I haven't read this one.

Sarah said she'd put the Obama book in her office at Atlas Cops and Kids.

Whenever she goes somewhere she brings me beautiful postcards.

Ada does this as well! I often send them to her 108-yo mother at Brandywine Eastates.

Since I'm reading LAB GIRL for my Book Group this Thursday, was gonna say a tree has more memory than Lillian does, but that's not true. 

Ada and Rich gave me a donation to a fighting cancer foundation.

Eschewing my usual egg omelet this morning, gotta eat some of my leftover party food.

My chili is simmering in the pot.

Gimme a couple of minutes. Gotta write a poem for Facebook. 


Sure, I try to lose weight,
but the goodies at my
party, tempt me like the
heroin addict I never was.

That iced coffee, medium roast,
from Rem, named after the bankrupt
Remington Bullet Company, tastes
great, hot to my tongue.

It's shiverin' weather outside.
Raining droplets that match my
polka dot pajama tops.

Our funnest neighbors have moving vans
lined up on the street.

Blue-eyed Zeke peeked in at our party.
Always wants something of MY-in, as they
pronounce it in these parts.

Change from my hand-painted coin bowl
Fat green tabs from Donna at Starbucks
Who am I to teach him a lesson?

Let him learn from Hope Community Church
just around the corner, as I allow him
two fat green sticky strips I seal my
envelopes wid.

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