Monday, April 2, 2018

7th Kidneyversity and counting - Sunday April 1, 2018 - Poem: Easter Sunrise Service

Scott found my missing purple camera between a cushion.

Jonquils, a variety of daffodils, from my back yard. Why buy vases?

I used a name tag I got from Kullie's 90th b'day party at the Abington Art Center.

I was outside cleaning up fallen sticks from a tree when Ethan came out and said, Want some help?

He was outside for two hours picking up sticks and other debris, putting em in a wheel barrow, and dumping em over a cliff in my back yard or Scott's.

What a help!

Since he quit the Bad Plus, he's doing fantastic and is booked up for at least a year. And, Sarah, of course is waiting for her novel Gravity to come out. The editors are discussing it. 

Sarah woke up at 11 am and prepared our feast. The poached Salmon with cucumber dill dressing was superb. Ethan rented a white Hyundai Elantra. At the party we discussed the lifetime warranty. A friend's engine broke down and it was replaced. Can I compare this with my kidney replacement?

Lynn told an interesting story about how women whose cleavage shows get what they want.

Kam from Ukraine, married to Reb Tyler, who is Patrick's bro, above.

After the party I bulged on many of the leftovers including the KettleCorn, which gave me sticky fingers, Mr. Jagger.

Image result for sticky fingers album

Tyler and his missus, Kamellia. He drove her to a chess game in NJ, near their home.

Rem told us that he bought CDs of the complete Rockford Files. When I went over Scott's this morning after returned from Adult D/care, he had gone to Best Buy and bought Rockford also. I can't wait to see them over cauliflower pizza crust tonight at 6 pm.

I'll have two pieces of delicious chocolate cake Ellen made with two scoops of Turkey Hill ice cream: French vanilla and Rocky Road.

The Perrier water was delicious. First time I had it was when Sarah and I traveled to St Martin's in the Caribbean and Sarah ordered it at a French restaurant.

I never drank it again. Delicious but price-y.

David, the 4-yo son of Kam and Tyler was hysterical when Sarah put the name tags on her face. She and Ethan had to leave at 7 pm to get their rental car back to Brooklyn.

My favorite food othan the cake and ice cream? Sarah's poached salmon with the dill sauce.

My chili was also darn good.

I sent everyone home with the foods I can't eat cuz of my diabetes.

Then I rode my steed upstairs in my bedroom for, oh, about 25 minutes. There is nuffing more boring, even though I was reading LAB GIRL, which I gotta finish by Thursday for our Book Group.

The author, Hope Jahran, surprised us at the end by telling us she met a wonderful man, Clint, they got married and had a son. She never mentioned his name.

Hmmm, if I had a son - and Dan couldn't make it as they had other plans - here are some choices:


And here's a poem I posted on FB.

I learned about these services years ago when I was a therapist at Bristol-Bensalem in Bensalem, PA


In the foggy darkness
as the moon was rising
in the eastern sky
they drove carefully
whole families piled
in SUVS or Toyota RAVs
little blue Hyudais or
battered old station wagons

Parked in the lot of
Peace Lutheran Church
as Father Travis and
his missus settled the
wooden podium in the damp
grass, he, peering over his
reading glasses
at the gathering
congregation unfolding
their lawn chairs

Charlie and Nan Myers
were there, he recovering
nicely after a stroke had
twisted his mouth

The seven Murphys were
seated as little Zeke
ran up and down the slope
in glow-in-the-dark

The Danzigers came all the
way from Burlington, across
the bridge, plumping themselves
down in beach chairs, while
Laddy, their dying golden
retriever, sat at their feet

"It's like the arc filling up,"
laughed the pastor to his wife
When the multitudes were all there
the fog began to lift like a
wet curtain

The chatter of the congregation
sounded like an orchestra tuning up
the pastor held his wife's soft
hand in his a moment

and said, "Let us pray."

They felt the presence of Jesus rise
as did the full moon, unfettered
at last from unbearable agony.

The Holy Spirit blew like a warm breeze
over the slope that could have been

Also entered my short story into Flash Fiction magazine.

Grave yard love

Shannon, the editor, wrote back confirming she received it. She also asked some optional questions that were fun to answer.

Gonna take a brief nap at Scott's now. Will fall asleep, sans doute, to Jim Garner, whose auto-bio I read.

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