Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Apology from Cheltenham Township Adult Evening School (CTAS) - Poem: Still They Bloom

Stood at my front door this morning watching the pouring rain. Well, I thought, it's not gonna stop any time soon, so I better get going.

The phone rang. It was CTAS. I'll tend to that when I get home from my volunteer job at Adult Daycare, and off I went, beret on head.

It was surprisingly warm outside.

Managed to find Second Home easily. Their sign is bright and cheerful but I often miss it. I was driving fairly slowly.

Everybody loves Bingo. I help one gentleman there. When he walked in I said, "Hail the conquering hero."  He has difficulty recognizing numbers.

They fed me today. Veggie soup with sour cream and then salad, mashed taters (terrible for people with diabetes) and breaded fish that was delish. Plus a piece of coffeecake. At one point, I left the table and injected 8 into my blubbery belly.

Once I was home, I called CTAS. Lynn apologized and told me that three people hadn't shown up but I had left shortly after I was denied admittance on the bus.

I hadn't realized I was on the waiting list for the trip.

I was reassured tho that I will be going on the Hudson Valley Trip and to Storm King Sculpture Garden.

Am listening now to the opera Elektra on Channel 12 and feel like singing....

Yes! I will be going to STORM .... KING....

View YouTube here before they take it away.


The pounding rain
The birdsong's too-wee too-wee
Beyonce's two-hour performance
at Coachella, those eyes,
those lips, those legs, those fulsome
The overflowing bird bath
in my front yard
The new inhabitants of the
jazzy chartreuse bird house
the sky of misery and of scorn
Where art thou? I wonder
Cannot stop the yellow forsythia
the dappled akuba bushes, the
pink blossoms of the peach tree
or memories of the Holocaust.

Anything else?

C'est ca, my love, c'est ca.

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