Thursday, December 14, 2017

Poem: Read any good books lately?

Photos to accompany today's poem


In fact, I am. Right now.
In my bedroom I have small
piles of books everywhere
like tiny sculptures.

Many have bookmarks stuck inside
like gum. This one bookmark reads
"Musee d'Orsay." A friend, nicknamed
Tree, gave it to me as a gift.

This time I shall finish "The Mare."
Not necessarily soon as I've got
library books with due dates. One
old book, Larry Brown's "On Fire"
has one of them old pockets on
the back. I can tuck a tea bag
in there if I wish.

Shall I?

The Mare's a thick book with a smooth
blue cover. The woman who wrote it
has an imagination that says things
like "Here's the stable," said Ginger.
"It looked scary from the distance but
inside it was not...The smell of it
was deep. You could feel it, like it
was breathing all around you."

Sometimes a line or two jiggles free
a memory seemingly out of nowhere. I put
down the book and paid attention!
I'm in the dark mailroom of Bristol-
Bensalem Human Services, where I used to
work. Norm Lamonsoff was my boss.

A scruffy looking psychiatrist, he looked
like he was homeless. Perhaps he was!
Another cuppa blueberry tea, please.

I watched a woman in a pink sweater
walk into the kitchen and pour herself
another cup.

Just came home from the Giant where I forgot to buy eggs. I didn't look at my frigging list which I brought with me.

After some hot soup - I combined the crab bisque with the broccoli cheddar - I read the entire Beehive mag. As I wrote to the poets n writers, it was outstanding!

Themes were love, loss, beauty, spirituality, death, affection and appreciation for one another, the past made present.


While driving home from the Giant I finally got a good idea for a new short story. Let's call it an annihilation story. Could it be from all the terrible things in the world? And now net neutrality is gone, so is Tavis Smiley, who followed Charlie Rose to the grave yard marked "Inappropriate Sexual Behavior." Tavis is putting up a big fight, but I'd say he's down on the mat and can't get up.

Did I tell you I finally finished my story for the Intell on New Year's Resolutions. I think it's quite good.

When I emailed it to the editor, the story did not go through.

Oh no! Has he been fired already? They did a big overhaul. Alan Kerr, my former editor, opted for early retirement. That man was GOOD!!!

Went on their website and found a new email c/o

 Tavis had a good show last night, the last one I'll see. Lemme put on my thinking cap and see if I can remember the two folk who were on.

Ah! One guy was heir to the fortune of Oscar Meyer. Four or five generations.

He talked about all the advantages of growing up wealthy. And he is giving back to the community. Free hot dogs and bacon the rest of your life? No.

Possibly a female movie star was on next. When I remember, you'll be the first to know.

Keep the faith,

Ruth Z Deming

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