Friday, April 28, 2017

Kafka's Other Women published at last - Poems: Mine all Mine (about my car) - The Empty Carrier, our beloved Blank the cat dies

At long last my story Kafka's Other Woman was published. View it here.

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Read his bio here.

So, I have this very painful torn rotator cuff. One of the physical therapists at Willow Grove Physical Therapy worked me too hard and I was in dreadful pain all day today.

Assaff, originally from Israel, came to America, Temple University, to complete as a gymnast. The rings were his specialty. I remember when my former BF, Pauly, also completed on the rings. I went to watch him a Queen's College in Queens, NY.

I took three baby aspirins to alleviate the pain and lessen the inflammation. Does aspirin do dat? And I simply stopped using my right arm.

Tonight, at 12:30 pm, my arm is much much better!

Oh, am gonna listen to Radio Times about April is National Poetry Month. Helene called to tell me. I went around the house trying to listen on the radio in the kitchen - couldn't find 90.9 - in the living room - Donna's radio and CD player is almost impossible to operate - so I figgered I'd listen later.

Then I went upstairs to nap. And found...I've got a black Sony radio right next to my bed. Guess what? I have no idea how to operate that either.

AND I just remembered that right here in my writing room is a Panasonic Radio that I DO KNOW HOW to operate!!!

So, I've got until May 1 to submit to River Poets Journal. The theme is WINDOWS. Marf just reviewed my poem WINDOWS ON MY TOES and liked it.

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Am listening to on my Panasonic.

And, for the record, I love the Pentatonix.

Interesting. Blogspot fills in the link all by itself, like those self-driving cars that kill people.

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The price of wisdom
is above rubies -
Proverbs 3:15

A Dale Earnhardt 
I am not, yet I
take pride in my

Small but mighty
this commonplace
ordinary car talks
to me - my current
audio book is Alice
Munro's Runaway

Protects me from
the elements, once
we coasted lo gear
in the snow while
I pretended not to
be afeard and wondered
where I'd be buried
and who would come

I sip on hot coffee
in the front seat thru
the tiny cocaine straw
and munch on pretzels
without a bib

Huge white blobs of bird doo
covered the outside like I
was the villain in a film noir

I wet a used paper bag and
sogged all the besotted spots.
Including the huge red
back light

It was like a gleaming
ruby, straight from a
mine in China

To think that I owned
something that stunning
that individual
made just for me
on an assembly
line far away.


Page and Spine, a paying online mag - max payment is $30 - will publish two of my short stories. Therapy, altho fiction, is based on getting over my love Christopher, by listening to loud Elvis Costello music, specifically Peace Love and Understanding.

They also accepted The Red Spoon about my love for

Image result for dairy queen willow grove  Dairy Queen. See the red spoon in the middle? Is your mouth watering like mine is? If someone presented you with one of these delights right now, would you eat it?

I would and then I'd bike to tomorrowland.


My son Dan lived with me
awhile. It's how I learned
to love cats.

The Miss America of
cats, Xena, was shy
and barely spoke.

Upon occasion she would
creep into my bed and
let me stroke her.

I gained her trust!

Blank, in his vigorous
virile youth, sought me
out, made love to me
in bed, butting my
front tooth, which
abscessed so I had
root canal, you
damned cat!

Was there ever a more
lovable cat than Blank?
If only I had a leash I
would parade him down
the street for everyone
to see. The Lytles, the
Kiernans, the Myers
across the street.

Today I learn his end
has come. Dan and little Grace
drive to the vet. A
placid sickly Blank
with failing kidneys
is placed in his

A compassionate death
for our man Blank.
Dan returns to the
waiting room and
Grace spies the
empty carrier.

Empty? The furry
charcoal colored
green-eyed cat
whose eyes suggest
the mysteries of
the known world is
lying right here
in my lap.
Purring for all the world to hear!

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