Monday, April 24, 2017

Company's coming - poem April - Walkin the Pennypack Trail - My Falling Clogs

 Sunday morning Scott and I went for a long walk on the Pennypack Trail near the Huntingdon Valley post office. From the car we saw there were no parking spaces, so we parked in the back of the post office where I also noticed a nursing home filled with people we dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

My Gramma Lily had dementia. I remember I would drive her to the Willow Grove mall so she could buy her fave perfume. Her words were pure gibberish. Sad beyond belief.

The Pennypack Walking Trail was very crowded. I brought my whatcha-ma-call-it so I could exercise my rotator cuff while walking

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When we were walking, I repeated lines from my Guest Column in the Intell about the various dogwalkers, babies in strollers, the Pennypack Creek swaying below.

Later, on I went to Moms, we chatted with Ellen. I brought my delicious salad with me. I think I never write the word 'salad' w/o prefacing it with delicious.

The last undelicious thing I ate were Kale Chips at mom's. I didn't spit em out, but I got rid of the terrible taste by drinking two fingers' worth of V-8.  Fortified. Yuck! I just drink plain everything.

In the bottom of my fridge I have a quarter cup of wine. As a person with diabetes, I dunno if I should drink it or not.

Would you mind holding on while I check?

Here's what I read. Click here, but hurry back!

Ya know what?  I just took the bottle of wine, walked out the kitchen door, down the steps, and poured the wine on the roots of the beautiful lilac tree.

4-5 ft. - Korean Lilac Tree -Vibrant Lilac Blooms on a Dwarf Tree!

I slip on a pair of clogs, which I should call My Falling Clogs.

Guaranteed to trip in those g'dam shoes.

Am gonna buy a pair online. Shopping is one of my odious activities.

For my FB poem of the day, I'll write a poem about my Falling Clogs.

Offline a moment, please, and then I shall return.

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Strange name, clogs, for
a pair of shoes. Half-
baked, with the back
missing, on purpose,

My clogs, bought at
Walmart years ago,
made by Dr Scholl
with a little gel-pack
for comfort on the

They were never comfortable,
and were ugly as a rotten
peach, so I painted
them like Joseph's
coat of many colors.

They get looks now.
People like them or find
them odd.. What
they don't know is
they make me fall.

Pouring wine out the
back door just now
hearing the first
movement of the
Symphony of Birds

I water the roots of
my lilac tree with a
finger of wine.

My intention is to
buy a new pair online,
but what shall I do
with the painted ones?

Bury them? 

Product DetailsBought the above on Amazon - where else? - which will arrive on Friday. Tried not to buy from Amazon, but they had the best price. Made by Qansi. Price around $22 including shipping.  

They're made in Shenzhen.  


April, your touch is
like the pink dogwood
down the street, with
the green quivering
center beloved by
the bees.

April, was there ever
a more beautiful word?
Can you see a piano
playing in a jazz bar
downtown? Herbie
Hancock, perhaps,
or The Bad Plus.

April makes us
believe that all
things are possible
as I stride out the
front door and view
the moist glistening

The robins and cardinals
the sparrow and chickodees
are splashing already
in the bird bath
and no one is about
except little me.



My house is all dressed up
in its satin finery.
Who will show?
Pal awaits in the front yard,
pink tongue panting for joy
even though he's stuffed.

The smell of dark roast
permeates the house.
Pink tulips line
the front steps
as does an orange star
plant that rivals Venus
in its beauty.

TV tables await in the
living room. Who will
sit on the purple chair
with purple ottoman?

All of us are royalty
and will celebrate
with marinated black
olives, cold water,
and lunches, packed perhaps
in Ziploc bags.

The robins, the cardinals
and chickodees will
welcome the guests
from the bird bath
the long cold winter
over and done with.

Life is for the living,
and food for the giving.


I sent this email to my group, tho I just expanded it for de blog.

Hi everyone on this Rainy Saturday,

Daytime meeting is this Thursday, April 27, at the Willow Grove Giant, second floor, from 10 am until noon. Find location on our website below.

President Trump just announced that the new head of behavioral health is Dr Ellie McCance Katz.

Read about it here.

Since the Pennypack Trust Creek Cleanup was canceled, we met at my house here in Willow Grove.

Eight people brought their lunches, two brought sandwiches from Subway. Scott made delicious potato salad. I brought a salad from Giant.

We talked about friendly people. As I was leaving the Giant this morning, two people who didn't know me wished me a good day.

They were women from Corporate.

I can't emphasize enough what a great time we had just sitting and talking. No iPhone. I closed my living room laptop.

This is what people did in the old days. Telling stories!  Thanks for coming, Rich and Ada, Scott, Alex, Linda and mom Jane.


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