Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Parting shots - The Trashman Taketh Away - Poem: Saying Farewell to Dishes and Cups

I had a party and Mom and Pop brought meatballs in this glass bowl.

Thother day when walking home from walking Scott found these lovely decorative cigarette boxes which I'll put in my next mobile ...... yeah, when ya gonna make it.... when the cow jumps over the moon?

Oh, don't be so hard on yourself. 

It was 93 degrees when I walked Scott to the train tonight. The train was 45 minutes late, but I didn't wait the entire time.

Now I'm back - hello hello hello - and am soaking wet.

As I do when I throw things away, I write a commemorative poem about them.

It's like remembering the dead on our postage stamps. 


I used a trash can with
a squirrel proof lid
and a green recyclable
plastic bin furnished
by the township

and I loaded them up
with several pounds -
maybe up to 17 of
excessive cups - and
plates and bowls

I could have circled
my house with them
here's the bowl they
brought the meatballs
in, Helene's blue plates
that kept chipping, and
drinking glasses I
kept buying - why? -
over the years.

I thought of donating
them to thrift but
laughed myself out
of it. I am too
tired to schlepp -
I nearly said 'too old'
but caught myself

This jasmine green
tea is bracing. I'll
keep the painted cup
it's in, remembering
I bought it at the
estate sale around
the corner.

She was there then,
the old lady, why is
her house for sale now?   

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