Friday, July 29, 2016

Part Two - D N C - Photos and namedropping

The singer is Katy Perry.  You'll know the rest of the gang.

 Chelsea has two kids.... Charlotte and Aidan. Aidan is five and a half weeks old.
 Blue eyes like her parents have.
 Crowd shot.
She loves her daddy.

 Some photos are from a short film narrated by Mason Freeman. Wait a sec! Is that his name? Driving Miss Daisy?  Or could it be Freeman Dyson? Must click here. How we wish we could understand a smidgen of theoretical physics.

And don't forget the GREAT Richard Feynman.

Hillary is wearing white, says FB friend, Nicole B, b/c that's the color worn by Sufragettes. 
 Ironworker, says her sweatshirt.
 White pant suit.

 She paid homage to Bernie Sanders.

 With running mate Tim Kaine from Virginia. Is that his name? OR it might be the late Harvey Korman.
 Balloons OR Red Hots.


I haven't a clue.

Eric Holder, former atty general under Obama, was on the Charlie Rose Show.

The NPR commentators thought Hillary gave a less-than-adequate speech. They use terms like 'she checked off all the boxes' but she doesn't have the language of an Obama or a Bill Clinton.

I was paying attention to her message and not her linguistics.

Now what'll I do?

Image result for bobby rydell book This book was due today but Amber let me check it out again and told me to hurry and finish it.

Image result for dinner with edward book  Bought this book for Sarah who will get it before she leaves for Rio on mom's 94th b'day.

Oh! Dan called and said I might like "Stranger Things" on Netflix.

Anyone heard of it?

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