Saturday, November 22, 2014

"More Decaf Please" is finally published - A Night at the Fresh Ground Coffee House

Read it here.

It's such a relief when my stories finally get published. Like sending your kindergartner out by himself to the bus and you see him safely step aboard.

At the Willow Grove Bible Church "Fresh Ground Coffee" event tonite, I had an in-depth discussion with Burt, a physician and a missionary. Told him about getting the story published and how I deal with rejection.

I have a ritual. Two huge documents are on my upstairs computer. "Submissions Many" contains dozens upon dozens of lit mags where I've submitted stories and poetry. Bc "Decaf" was just accepted, I type it into the Mad Swirl category - that's the name of the publication, after a Jack Kerouac quote - and note that I submitted it June 26 and it was accepted November 21. Long wait.

Then I go to "All Short Stories" and look up More Decaf. It's been rejected - quickly - by Haunted Waters Press (which published my Mail Order Couch poem) and Caketrain.

I told Burt that this lessens the sting of the rejection. He is a great listener.

Was talking about my recent trip to NOLA and I said I blogged about it. "I had to," I said. "There's no way I couldn't have written about it," I said.

"You were compelled to write," he added.

"Yes, that's a good way to express it." And asked if he were compelled to do something.

"Pray," he said. "I've been praying all my life."

He told me some fascinating spiritual stories, one about his getting anointed by God. These people are believers. Many, like Pastor Ken, came to God and Jesus after rejecting them.

They are ultra-radical on the right. The Bible is the word of God. Every word is the truth. The world did not evolve. The Lord created it.

What's the purpose of life? I asked Burt.

"To love and be loved by God," he said. 

Fresh Ground Round created a new tradition..... a Prayer Room where you enter and Pastor Ken and one of the women will pray with you, if you wish.

I must try it, I thought and was happy to see that Joni, Burt's wife was the woman.

Pastor Ken has a beautiful speaking voice. Powerfully male, with a gentle quality and a musical quality. And a firm handshake.

Joni is an incredibly warm woman with intense listening powers like her husband Burt.

I asked Pastor Ken his view on homosexuals. Bc of the sound of his voice, I was certain he would accept them.

I was wrong.

Homosexuality is a sin, he stated confidently. My heart was crushed, but I did not let on, nor did I say a mumbling word. Just nodded. And could not wait to get out of there into the fresh cold air of freedom.

Will work on my short story, unnamed as yet, that begins, "You'll laugh when you see where I live."

Click here and you'll see where she lives.

"Copy image" is not available to bring it to you.

I'm fading fast, despite four cups of delicious hot decaf at the church. I'll give myself till 1 am and then fall into bed.

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  1. writes shelly: Loved it---it was like a tribute to Willy. You recognized the sweetness in him and thanks so much for that. Have to get over to the nursing home to see him; it's been almost 3 weeks 'cause I was sick. Maybe tomorrow.