Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Countdown to NOLA - Thanks to Martha who's sending me off with well-hemmed pants

Many people consider Tennessee Williams the best American playwright. I'll be watching for Stella and Stanley and Blanche and Karl Malden.

Wiki - For much of her adult life, she suffered from bipolar disorder.[1] She earned a reputation for being difficult to work with, and her career suffered periods of inactivity. She suffered recurrent bouts of chronic tuberculosis, first diagnosed in the mid-1940s, which ultimately claimed her life at the age of 53. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Leigh as the 16th greatest female movie star of all time.

She was, of course, married to Sir Lawrence Olivier. 

Visited my friend Martha Hunter today. That kindest of women hemmed three pair of pants for my trip.

We're drinking Constant Comment Tea, which Marf says she only drinks in the cold weather.

While chatting, she got an idea for a poem and jotted it down on paper right next to her.

I told her I do the same thing in bed. Had three great ideas, but couldn't find any paper.

"The poems," said Marf, "are lost forever."

She's right. 

My clothing pile on the floor, ready to be packed away for the trip. The blue folder on couch contains a list of contacts I'll send postcards to.

Lemme know if you wanna be on the list. RuthDeming at

Am leaving for the bus on Friday morning.

 Since our family has a new member - 2-day-old David, named after my brother, I drove to Specialty Flooring in Roslyn to buy a baby blanket.

Fell in love with this white and yellow one immediately.  $15.

Sandy Della Guardia  crochets them. She has hundreds at home that she hasn't finished.

Last nite when she couldn't sleep, she finished the one on the left.

Went back to my car and decided I couldn't live w/o the colorful one on the left and I asked her to give me a bargain price on it, so I paid $20 instead of $30.

Sandy says she goes in cycles about which style of crocheting she wants to use. She did the above style months ago. She told me the name but I've forgotten already.

Got excellent books out of the library to read on my trip, including


The Garner Files by James Garner. His real name was Bumgarner.

Now, in the kitchen, I'm finishing up the audio book

  It's very exciting. The lovely young girl, Abby, becomes a terrorist, suffering from the same syndrome that Patti Hurst did. The Stockholm Syndrome. 

In the car, I'm listening to another good book by Hilma Wolitzer, born in 1930.

An Available Man, at least I think that's the name of it.

Since I knew I had a long drive to Roslyn to get the blanket, I stopped into the libe and checked it out.

It was immediately excellent, thank goodness.

What I do, in both the kitchen and car, is get the next CD disk ready, so I won't have to wait.

It's like getting a page ready to turn.

Now, if you'll excuse me, am going to Scott's to watch a Netflix film I found by accident. It's called August.

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