Monday, September 1, 2014

Lake Galena of Bucks County - Health Tips from a research study - My kidney idea I asked Stalin Campos

 The many colors of Lake Galena. Scott and I drove there yesterday. Or hier, as we say en francais.
The same day, my next-door neighbor Bill Adams drove his 20-yo daughter Shannon to the JFK Airport. A student at St Joseph's, she's spending the next semester - four months - in Ireland to study.

Ironically the family above was speaking with Irish accents. They just moved to Bucks County from Ireland.
 We paddle-boated for half an hour. We're both used to peddling since we exercise on our stationery bikes.
 Ruth Deming with sunglasses she bought for $3 at The American Visionary Museum in Baltimore. Many people "liked" this pic on FB. It does make you feel good.
"Having fun?" I asked Scott.
"It's thrilling," he said with classic sarcasm.
Scott watched Sixty Minutes last nite. In 1983, a research study began with about 40,000 people. Their lifestyles, their diet, exercise, drinking, smoking, etc. showed that the longest living subjects did the following:

Drank alcohol in moderation
Drank coffee in moderation
Their weight was moderate and they had the ability to gain weight.

Scott and I just back from a delicious lunch at Carrabbas, one of the few restaurants open on Labor Day, today. We knew we'd go straight to the Pennypack to walk off the food.

Scott had his beloved grilled salmon. I had caprese again - for only the second time - as I'd eaten at Roslyn Pizza, and also a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Justin, the waiter, said he'd picked out most of the noodles, which he did, b/c of my insulin-dependent diabetes.

I also ordered a delicious cup of hot decaf

Scott said he might start drinking it upon occasion. He drinks nothing now but water. I also started buying wine again - LeHigh Valley Wine, sold at - where else? - the Giant Supermarket. Scott will also try drinking wine again, upon occasion.

Sent Stalin Compos, MD, one of my kidney transplant surgeons an email this morning, called "Idea,"

I said, Stalin, I will NEVER go off my antirejection meds, but I suggest you do a research study there at Einstein Medical Center

Participants, including myself, would go off their meds and see if they could live w/o them. (We know that a certain percentage do not need meds)

We would then learn if we could do w/o the meds.

In my case, I would no longer have insulin-dependent diabetes, which I got from my Prograf and Prednisone.

Stalin quickly wrote back. It's been tried, he said, but with poor results.

Image result for sad womans face
But I won't be sad long. I'll be scared.

Yep, time to watch my Daily Dose of  L O S T.  Ben is but a child, an unhappy one with a terrible father. When Ben grows up, he's a terrible person.

The child is the father of the man, as Wordsworth wrote.

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