HAVANA (AP) — Cuba is greatly expanding the medical mission it's sending to Africa to fight Ebola.
The Health Ministry earlier said it would send 165 health workers to Liberia. Now it's saying the mission will include 461 health workers, and some will be sent to Liberia and Guinea. The announcement came during a public affairs program on state television Thursday night.

The health workers will be trained in biosecurity by the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization.

Cuba has sent medical workers to dozens of countries [in the past]

This is the only good thing I've read about Cuba in recent years.

Sylvia is an outstanding painter. For $25, I bought three of her posters, which her daughter, Chondy, wrapped up for me. Chondy is an engineer visiting from DC.

The original oils were hanging on the walls of the church.

 Chinese Scribe with Client.
 Girl with a Parasol.  Sylvia loved the lace and so she painted it. "We work around the face," she said.
Old Wives' Tales.

I don't believe she's had formal training. A graduate of PAFA advised her about one of her paintings, which I didn't buy, tho, of course I have regrets.

Her portrait, I said, reminded me of John Singer Sergent.