Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wrightstown Grange Fair, Bucks County

Learned about the Grange Fair in the Daily Headlines from the Intelligencer, where my Robin Williams story will be published on Sunday. Thank you Alan Kerr!

Immediately I wanted to go and got direx from Scott before he fell asleep.

Who would I go with, I thought. I haven't any friends.

Oh, you must, I said to myself, and rang up a few people.

My sister Ellen said she'd go with.

The reason we got lost - I told her Scott never makes mistakes on his direx - is b/c at the place we should turn, there was no street sign.

We ended up in New Hope

and Ellen begged me to visit the town with her.

No way!

We proceeded to the Fair and found it. Memorize where we park!

Guess what? Sarah just called me. She's gonna officiate at Natalie and Dion's wedding on Sunday in Eugene, OR. Alex will pick her up in Portland at midnite when her plane comes in.

Waited with a hundred other people to watch the Pig Race. Took too long - we stood for 20 mins - so we left and wandered onward.

Huge tents filled the grounds. Winners of the Tomato Competition. Ellen had never seen tomatoes that were not red. Two years ago The Fleishers took me to The Tomato Festival in New Jersey, so I was familiar with them.

I was very hungry and wanted some home-grown food. Not to be found, I ordered a gyro - pronounced ye-ro - which was quite good. It was so salty however - the sauce - that I drank 6 glasses of water when I got home.

Sitting next to us on the picnic benches was

a mom sharing her Fried Oreo with Madeline and Darren. Madeline was singing for us. How she loved to sing. Lalalala! She's 5 and starting kindergarten in the fall.

The weather was perfect. A cool breeze would often pass by. Sarah commented on it when I talked to her earlier. She was calling from her cab in Brooklyn on the way to the airport.

 Everything was under cellophane so it would not be touched. This is a CAKE shaped like a peacock.

This was my fave quilt, which took second prize.

 The above cucumber on the left reminds me of my huge one I got at REMS Automotive. Remember, my faithful reader(s)?
My self-planted pumpkin, which you can barely see in the bottom middle, is the size of a grapefruit. Every flower - and there are dozens - will turn into a pumpkin.

 Cabbages are a thing of beauty. This could actually be printed out and framed. Hey, I think I'll post it on FB and send it to Carl Yeager.

You'll notice one egg is missing in each carton. That's so they can be judged. How dyou judge an egg?

Maybe Betty MacDonald knows.


 Let's have a Tea Party!
This educational mobile goes around to school teaching the kids about Agriculture. We've forgotten what it's like to grow crops, as well as have animals, as you'll see below.

Robin had a booth selling jewelry from Uganda, all made from paper products. She had been to Uganda. Fortunately the country is no where near the Ebola outbreak.

I bought a blue bracelet I'm wearing now. It's small and light enuf so I think I can stand the feeling on my wrist. And also some earrings, spending $20 for a wonderful cause. See the BeadForLife website.

 Look what beautiful faces the above lllllamas have.
Took this photo for Janis Ramsay and Helen Kirschner, both of whom love pet rabbits.

 COCKADOODLE-DOO! From far away, you could hear the Rooster's cry.

 Hello Mr Guinea Pig. Thank you for letting me pet you.
Hello Mr Hairless Guinea Pig. His body quivered when I began to pet him.

What a thrill!

 Darren is bringing out the milk-cow "Pushy" to be groomed for a show tomro.
 I rarely see a cow close-up.
 Pushy's head and body are gently held in a brace so the barber can brush her and make her shine. Go Pushy Go! Hoping for a Blue Ribbon for her.

Here comes beautiful Draft Horse Duke out of his stall.

 They're brought outside so folks can take pix and pet them.
I petted one of em. He looked straight at me and then turned his eyes upward to look somewhere else. They're very curious animals.

Mommy! Please buy me a horse.

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