Thursday, August 28, 2014

Good morning, Hatboro, PA! Daddypops Diner, Diana's Nail Salon, Stutz Candy Kitchen

 Hadn't been to Daddypops Diner in a couple of years. Used to go with Simon. Would often see my across-the-street neighbor Charlie Myers there. Altho Charlie died about five years ago, he and his wife Nancy, make an appearance in my new short story "Double or Nothing." I've relocated them to a Bucks County condo, and, of course, in Charlie's case, to the world of the living.
Had a hankering for an English muffin. As I bit into it, I could taste the preservatives, yes I have a very sensitive palate, and then I spread strawberry jam - delicious - on top.

Just took my blood sugar. Whopping! Is getting your toes amputated worth eating an English muffin? Well, at least I didn't get any hash browns.

My waitress Stephanie bringing me some delicious cold water. I had a cup and a half of Decaf.

Mary, who's been there since it opened, only waitresses on Sunday, but comes in everyday to help with various & sundry, including the books.

Daddypops is a Hatboro tradition.

Diana's Nails is not.

I came in thru the bathroom window, I mean the back door, cuz I'm a back door man AND a back roads man.

 Emily gives me a pedicure. No nail polish on me toes. Just cut the nails good and scrub the bottom of my feet. They have these hot rocks which feel great on the soles of your footsies.
Li is the owner. He said the new nail salon across the street - Strawberry - has cut into his biz. Still, his salon was well-attended this morning.

 Here's nurse Sarah's daughter. She has an unusual name, something like Kalia.
Sarah's toenails are drying. She has red toenails. She's a nursing home nurse at the old Doylestown Hospital. It's called Briarleaf and we'll take a look at it right now.

Photo is from a historian blogger named David Hanauer. Apparently Briarleaf doesn't have a website.

Whoa! I've now gotten myself down to Doylestown. I'm on my way to Stutz Candy Kitchen to buy Allen and Tatyana some chocolates.

 Jan helped me pick out the candies. "Kitchen seconds."
 When my kids and I lived across the street in Village Green Apartments, we were frequent visitors. Remember? We loved the mint bark - woof! woof! - below.
I was such a good girl I didn't even buy a piece of that smooth-as-silk - and TASTY?! - candy.

Here's my new Silver Nails, that match my silver car.

Heigh ho! Silver. C'mon boy.

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