Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Upstairs Downstairs from British TV - Poem: Boredom does not become you

Sarah has the downstairs, I have the upstairs.

She made this unusual soup with sausage, mushrooms, split peas etc etc. I'm on my second helping.

Now she's left for the gym, which moved to larger quarters, near the Willow Grove mall.

"I don't mind walking," she said, when I offered to drive.

The original British production Upstairs Downstairss was fabulous. My dad introduced me to it when I moved back home from living in California.

GordonJackson.jpg  Remember the late Gordon Jackson who played the head butler. Like Mr Carson in Downton Abbey.

Image result for mr carson downton abbey  

Am going stir-crazy bc of my boot.

Stir Crazy was one of the many movies made by the zany Gene Wilder, who died yesterday at 83. As I clicked on the obit, I hoped he didn't have Alz.  He did.

Look, I haven't anything to do now. So let's watch a couple of scenes - together - from Stir Crazy.

 Did I tell you how much I'm enjoying the film Inside Out, a Disney film.

Here's a few pix I took. I know, I know, always taking pictures.

Caramel Corn Curls - what a delicious cereal!

I like to sprinkle some extra sugar over the top.

Scott and I went to Staples yesterday to buy him a new computer. A Lenovo laptop. Same as the old laptop.

He set it up today, from about 10 am until 5 pm.

He wrote down all his passcodes, each one a variation on a theme, the way I do.

Miguel Gardel is a terrific writer.  Here's his sexy story

For those of you on Blogspot, they changed their format.


I thrust open the front door.
Boot and I step gingerly onto the front porch
as twilight slowly descends like a nurturing

So, it's true. Autumn's on her way. L'autumne, we
say en francais. The greenery has lost its
verve, and sits with silent tears,
knowing the next chapters to

We all heave a deep sigh. Hot soups
will be on the menu. Tomato, cream
of broccoli, lobster bisque.

Classical music and jazz on the radio.
Masterpiece Theatre, we hope, will
dazzle us once again, as we lie in
bed together, side by side.

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