Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Scott's successful procedure - Thanks for your support!

For years Scott had been having difficulty swallowing. Our family doc, James Foxhall, told him to contact a gastro, which Scott did.

His brief procedure this morning, done by Harvey Guttmann, MD, of Abington, fixed his problem.

Although he was light-headed afterward, he felt quite good and kept laughing. Dr Guttmann came out afterward and explained the procedure.

We could not believe what his esophagus looked like.... how narrow it was.... all food and liquid had to go down a very narrow pipe.

When food would get stuck, which it frequently did, it causes a person to panic. 

His throat is a little sore now but he ate his usual breakfast which always awaits him when he gets home from work at 8:45 in the morning.

He's exhausted now and can't wait to go to sleep. He's got a couple of calls to make first.

Scott's blender was on the blink so yesterday we went to the Willow Grove mall, checked out three places - Bloomies, Macy's and Wms and Sonoma - and bought this one from Bloomingdale's which had the best price and an 8 yr warranty.

He makes his healthy drinks in them. Kale, spinach, berries etc etc.

What a relief he's okay.

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