Friday, July 1, 2016

Part 2 of Walnut Street Theatre Sister Act

I would LOVE to go around the neighborhood and interview folks about their lives. Poverty leads to crime and drugs. Is it possible to get out of the cycle?

Anudder thing is that at for example the Divine Lorraine they're gentryfying the neighboorhood. these will be luxury condos.

Who is the poor people's advocate and what are they doing to help?

Here's my hospital.... Einstein Medical Center where I got my kidney transplant five years ago.

Craig said it used to be called The Jewish Hospital. That was not a nickname but the actual name.

Told Craig I'm sposed to go down once a year to get my kidney checked but I stick with my home nephrologist as it's too far to drive.

We'd parked on the roof for the Walnut St Theatre, as Craig predicted.  Now we're driving home.

 Hard to photograf while moving.

Nearing home, the Hiway Theatre above.

Below is the front of the Abington YMCA.  Enter from rear. End.

 Sign warning you..... you'll be photograffed if you go thru traffic light.
Thanks again, Craig.

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