Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Lynnie! Poem: Summer Rain - Published: Cancel my Health Insurance Jack!

 Delicious homemade apple cake and Bryer's coconut choc ice cream. Mmmm.
 Veronica's parents came to America in the 1980s. Why? They wanted a better life.
 Jade is 17 weeks pregnant. Gender to be determined at next doc appt.

Lynn shall be called Nana. That's what her kids call their gramma, Fran Sanders.

Told Miles I love the pattern of his shirt.... checkered.... it's in style, he said.

 Told Miles I use this bowl to put my Scruffy pad in.

Visited Sarah at Brown U and we walked to a craft fair at Risde, Rhode Island School of Design. Bought this ceramic bowl and also one made of wood that disappeared a few years ago.
Good Knight it says.

Quite a downpour we had earlier.

 Rivulets of rain run down the street.
My Lantana is rescued once again.

Aha, it's originally a tropical plant.


The earth cries for water
Do the heavens hear?
A thunderous crash that
makes the dogs in our
neighborhood quake
- Chico, ole Daisy, Chuckie and Wesley -
signals today's draught
is done

My new lantana puffs herself up
the pink crepe myrtle smiles
when cars pass by
Terry's hubcaps beam
messages to Hubble
and the blue Buddha
blesses the world
with his "Do no harm."

Am watching Dateline upstairs now. Had to get on bike for eating watermelon and pretzels and p'nuts and the only station with reception was Channel 10.2.

The fiancee apparently killed her man with antifreeze.

C'est ca .... fini.... sweating copiously!!!

Can you read my true story here?  Cancel My Health Insurance Jack!

It's 10:26 pm now.... I've still gotta lotta life in me.

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