Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Iris Arenson-Fuller and Art Fuller Come to Visit from CT - Poem: Walk around the block

When dyou want us there? asked Iris via email.

Round about noon, I said, thinking that would give me plenty of time to:

Mail a get-well card to a friend in Pompano Beach, FL, vacuum, including all the crumbs on my red living room couch, put away my clothes scattered throughout the living room, make a Welcome sign and affix to outside door, clean off the phenomenally messy kitchen table, set the table, have the appetizers ready.

Every time I'd sit down on couch, thinking I'd finished everything, I'd remember something else, like taking down the wine glasses for wine I bot yesterday at the Giant.

Finally, I sat down to watch Person of Interest, an exciting CBS Show I watch on Netflix

Image result for person of interest and I looked out the door and there they were coming up my sidewalk.

They looked surreal! It felt as if they were coming out of my movie.

I blinked my eyes, shut off the laptop, and went out to meet them.

Iris and I have been in touch on Facebook. Art, her second husband, I'd never met before.

 When Iris left, she plucked this off the door to keep as a souvenir. She and Art had miles to go before they leave the area.
 We sat and talked dans le living.
 Made the chili the day before. Sauted the usual suspects in olive oil, then added a huge jar of Ragu and a jar of medium-hot salsa. Plus 2 cans each of Eden-brand black-eyed peas and kidney beans, all unsalted.

Scott, who arrived quite early, after having slept a bit, had given me brown rice, which we put beneath the chili.

I'd grated an entire package of Cabot sharp cheddar which we sprinkled over the hot chili.

Scott just came over before walking to the train station.

You told me the chili was delicious, and it really was!

Managed to find the pink water pitcher - I have so many cupboards, Mrs Hubbard - I don't know what to put in em.

 Iris brot this Truffle Cake from a famous bakery in her neck of the woods. Scott too one tiny taste and said it was like eating chocolate pudding. It was delicious!
 They brought me really great gifts - a colorful scarf to hide my wrinkly neck - a book

Mira Jacob Author Website
A Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing by Mira Jacob

and some fantastic coffee made by Boston's Best

Hazelnut Creme Decaf.  I  tell   you !  It was THE BEST,

not to mention Stash White Tea, which I'm brewing now. Don't tell Iris but it smells like Vicks Vapo-Rub, but I think it will taste better.

Hold on... it's cooling now..... will let you know.... very very nice! a fruity bouquet! Thanks, Isis!

Your women friends, said Scott, are really talkative. What wonderful stories she told... after her first husband Kim Abbot died, she wanted to join a Widow/Widowers Group. The guy said it was too soon.

Her rebuttal? Okay, if you don't let me in I'll start a group of my own the same time yours meets and it'll be free for everyone.

They let her in.

How did she meet Art, who is a cardiac nurse. Stay tuned.

Note: Whenever you don't have matching glasses, here's what you do. Give everyone a different glass. This fish glass is an old one of Mom's. From our days on Glenmore Road in Shaker Heights.

 The appetizers were on my Ottoman Empire... hummus and real Triscuits, far superior to the generic ones.

They've been married 20 years now. They met from a spunky personal ad Iris put in the paper. She got dozens of responses, met a couple of them at the now-defunct Robertson's Ice Cream Shop, but no one would do.

She received an excellent response from Art, tossed it into the trash, and then retrieved it.

This white tea is really tasty, a term Bernice, her mom/law used. The mom was a beauty in her younger years. Art shared photos on his i Phone.

Iris also told us about visiting a medium who said many different spirits were vying to be heard. I'd wrin a story about psychic medium Theresa Roba for the Bucks County Herald.

We really needed the rain. Theresa, who I met tonight when walking off my dinner, said it's sposed to rain for the next four days.

Good. The earth is parched. The CT license plate is beautiful.... blue

 Fare thee well, my dear friend.

See you on your Coach Iris website.... you'll wanna take a look at this... you can sign up for a free consultation.... hmmm, maybe I should do dat!

Kids playing on the street.

Now, I'm gonna write a very quick poem here, after I pour meself some more tea


The construction workers, clad in red shirts, have left for the day
the attic is being transformed into a master bedroom
they talk amongst themselves in the morning, kindly, as my
feet patter by, we nod, and down the hill I go
aching to find out what thoughts will arrive
Where do they come from?
Can they be seen by the man on the moon
or heard by the Almighty?
Today is Succos, the holiday of the harvest,
In the middle of the road, I give thanks
for the black-eyed peas in the chili I made
and hope that the black man someday
will be free.    


  1. How fun to be the main topic of your blog post, thank you for everything. It was a truly fun visit, but I should have told you not to worry about picking up,or cleaning up on our behalf. Of course, I would do it too, but my mother always said if I were a good housekeeper. I would not need to worry about having things in order for company. I think you and I, Ruth, are too creative to worry about being good housekeepers, or the Yoddish word, "balabusta". (No, non-Yiddish speakers, it doesn't mean "ball- buster", but an exceptional and maybe even fussy homemaker.) we loved your house and would have loved it just as much with crumbs and clothes on the floor, but thanks. I already knew you are a good cook.

    Enjoyed the poem. I think I need to get more serious once again about sending out my work more. Maybe you can help me figure out where.

    We enjoyed meeting Scott a lot too.
    I hope we will not let another 30 years go by before seeing each other again, because we may not remember enough good stories to share with each other at that time.

    1. another 30 years? unthinkable! if you wish, i can send you places to submit your poems, the way i do my writers' group, on many blog posts i challenge myself to write a quick poem. you really look terrific, iris, as does your kind-hearted hubby! xoxox