Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Biking on the new Pennypack Trail near the Huntingdon Valley PO - Hello Sarah and Ethan

Image result for wheelwright bike store Scott and I drove over to the bike shop. He needed a new thinga-ma-jig and I needed a better seat for my exercise bike, which is also a real bike.

Armed with our new purchases, we got ready for our first bike ride of the season. And the season is halfway through.

Scott and I walk the many trails at Pennypack Trust. While walking we met the owners of Terwood Auto, Scott and his wife Paula. Plus their dog Mocha, a chocolate lab.

Scott mentioned this new trail and that's where we went.

 You can rent bikes at the Trail as long as you have a smart phone with apps.
 Here's my bike. I thought Scott was gonna load my OTHER bike, the exercise bike I have in my bedroom, but this one was perfectly fine.

I was taught at Wheelwright how to get on and off. Bc I'm short, I bend the bike toward me and hop on.
 Scott pedals real fast.
We rode three miles down the new trail.

After a mile or so, it began to look like Lorimer Park. Sure enough, the trail now joins Lorimer Park.

 I hate to dismount, bc then I have to get on again. But did it so I could share these photos with you, Dear Reader.

 Scott takes the wheels off the bikes so they can fit into his hatchback. He has an old kitchen run of mine which he uses to steady the bike.
Sandal weather.

 Unlike me, Scott doesn't like eating at restaurants but we did anyway. Many restaurants on the way home were closed. The summer? People at the shore?

His original choice was The Willow Inn on York Road in Willow Grove, so he got his wish. The food was delicious (!) and very reasonable.

Marina was our lovely hostess. Dinner for two - we both had eggplant parm, salad and two sides - was only $30.

 View from our table.... the Wawa gas station...

Look, said Scott, there's one of the cleaners at the Giant. Sure enough, he was walking buy in his green Giant shirt and black pants.

He's missing some teeth, I said.
 I've still got some leftover parm in the fridge. The applesauce was cold and delicious. I thought it was homemade but Marina said it was not.

Tonite I sat outside on a green lawn chair and talked to my friend Nick Breslin on the phone. His fave radio show comes on every Sunday on WCAU-AM.

The Sounds of Sinatra with Sid Mark. 

I called Sarah tonight while I was outside staking up the stem of a huge sunflower, which is about to bloom.

She and Ethan, who are still gypsys, were staying with friends on Long Island.

Ethan played me a little Bach.

Sarah was grilling swordfish she had marinated, on the BBQ.

I told Sarah that I was dancing a gavotte on the driveway while he played. 

You only live once!

Remember dat!

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