Wednesday, November 26, 2014

One more on Ferguson, MO - Day Before Thanksgiving - My Christmas Decorations so far

On Facebook, I posted about the dreadful events in Ferguson, MO, and have received a slew of comments, with everyone expressing their own opinion, mostly based on whether you're black or white or a Republican or Democrat.

Image result for fdr  You know, they still hate him, even though he pulled our nation out of The Great Depression.

Scott works at SEPTA. Like me, he thinks the Grand Jury that found Officer Wilson not guilty on all accounts - including manslaughter - was a foregone conclusion.

At SEPTA, he said, the black workers think the decision was a terrible injustice, but not the white workers.

As far as the burning and looting, here's what I would do if I were the mother of the deceased Michael Brown, whose dead body lay for four and a half hours in the middle of the street.

I would become a leader, a regular Coretta Scott King.

And I would speak to my people, perhaps with the help of my minister, who would stand by side, and I would urge my people to remain calm and obey the laws.

We will take action, I would say, so this racial horror story would not happen again.

Oh, we know it will take time.

But we must stand strong and we must make a start.


Was trying to figure out if it's raining or snowing outside now. When I took out the compost, it was raining, but it shore do look like snow now.

And it is!

Snow on the pansies on the front porch.

Altho you can't see it, my car is pebbled with icy snow pellets.

BTW, when I went to the dentist last week for a painful deep cleaning, I said to Jennifer, Keep talking to distract me from what you're doing. Turns out her husband owns a used car lot on County Line Road where in 2009 I drove a Jaguar.

This lovely colorful wreath I bot at Produce Junction in Hatboro, which was mobbed. I stuck on the fruit, which I bot at Primex in Glenside, where I bot the pansies.


Spoke to my friend Helene who lives at Rydal Park, an old age home. The word 'park' makes it sound like a fun place. She hates it.

She thanked me for my post card from my 10-day trip to NOLA.

I told her I was reading in bed before getting up

This is Boo's first novel and the winner of a Pulitzer and just about everything else you can think of. Gotta finish it by next Thursday for my Reading Group.

Helene told me to listen to Fresh Air, the story Redeployment. I told her I'd do it this morning. We talked as I was eating my delicious Garlic Omelet - Hah! - and then I walked next door to the Compost Heap in Scott's backyard.

Deposited an entire box of frozen Turkey Bubba Burgers, which are not individually packed, so they're all stuck together in a huge frozen meat Popsicle. 

On FB, I posted why I'll never buy anudder frozen turkey Bubba Burger.... A, they're not very good, and B, they're not individually wrapped.

Whatever were they thinking?

Told Helene I'm sending out a donation today to Wikipedia, which I check one hundred times a day. I emailed the Wik to ask em their mailing address. Don't wanna type in my cumbersome credit card info.

Also sent in a donation to NRDC - the great Frances Beinecke - to help save African elephants from poachers. I'd wrin a short story about this called "The Obit Writer" which has been rejected by many, but not all.
You know me and my luv of sending postcards, right!

Sent one this morning to Ada's mom at her Dresher, PA, old age home.

I wrote a lil poem, which I'll try and reconstruct here

Happy 100 Thanksgivings

I'll have the drumstick, thank you,
and the slice of pumpkin pie,
next year make it pecan
with whipped cream
Lots! 105 squirts.

Yes, her mother is that old.

Gotta go upstairs now and meditate, in the Quiet Room. During meditation, I get all these great ideas.
Peace Love Gratitude.

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