Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rosh Hashonah Dinner at Mom's - Romp through Hatboro cemetery

Went to Mom's this morning to deliver groceries for her to make dinner tonight. She has these lovely verbenas in her front garden which I always pick and bring home.

I had two servings of these traditional dishes. The sauerkraut dish was scrumptious. I believe it uses a can of Campbell's tomato soup.

We were disappointed that the brisket, from Giant, was a little tough, tho Mom used conditioning shampoo on it. I mean meat tenderizer.

The tsmissis - sweet potato, carrots and prunes - was delicious. Is there coconut oil in here, I asked. Indeed there was. And orange juice.

The green bean salad was my contribution. Made with cucumbers, green scallions, garden basil, and the oils - olive and sesame - toppered with toasted pecans and sunflower seeds.

Ellen digs in.

Mom kept complaining about the brisket, which cost $27. Ellen said Fresh Foods always has tender brisket.

We listened to a couple of phone messages - Rich from Oregon wishing us a happy new year - and a young cousin Carolyn saying she'll be in town on October 25. I don't think I've ever met her and am really looking f/w to it.

This is the shirt I wore last nite at my program at the Wellness Center. I had gotten a flu shot in one arm and a pneumonia shot in thother and my arms were so sore I couldn't raise my arms and had to sleep in the shirt.


Told mom and Ellen about an excellent documentary on Joan Rivers I watched last nite. It will be available online for a limited time.

The film was made when Rivers - born Joan Alexandra Molinsky - was 76. It shows the difficulty of remaining in the limelight when you're older. All they talk about, said Joan, is my face and my age. She said that the late Don Rickels entertained until he was 88.

Joan's career was a family affair. Her husband Edgar and daughter Melissa traveled with her. The film shows her triumphs and tragedies. She had a thick skin, unlike husband Edgar, who took his own life after Joan endured some hard times.

The film also documents Johnny Carson's blessings - you'll be a star - and then how he dropped her and never spoke to her again.

Joan died on August 28, 2014 of cardiac arrest after a routine medical procedure.

She was 81.

Are you salivating like I am over this cantalope? 

I brought home some of the left over brisket in this very old Pyrex container. It's nice to see these things from my childhood to help clear out the clogged arteries of my brain.

Told mom I used to luv making brisket sandwiches on rye bread with ketchup and lettuce. She said Daddy liked it on challah, the only way he enjoyed brisket.

Now, of course, with my diabetes, I've gotta lower my carb intake.


Speak ye ghosts from the Hatboro Cemetery, located right next to Stutz Candy.

Last week when I visited the cemetery sans my camera, I thought the colorful cemetery plot was filled with children's toys. Soon we'll see the surprising outcome of my walk.

Click to enlarge.

I used to take walks in the cemetery when the kids n I lived across the street at Village Green Apartments.

Coming home on Ball Road I pulled in front of the mail truck.

I gave Bob a letter I wanted mailed ASAP. Had never met him before. He was listening to loud pounding music, reminiscent of Mettalica, which my back surgeon listens to while performing surgery.

I didn't care for "No F/X" when I listened to it on YouTube. Am still fixated on Phoenix 1901.

On Ball Road, mailboxes are on the curb. Bob personally delivers it to the home of Mrs B, an old lady who last year walked down the steep slope to get her mail. Her mailbox reads

Poor Mrs B fell forward on the ice and broke her nose and some rib bones.

I came up with a new motto while I was answering emails this morning.

The world is your friend.

I may amend it to:

The world is your friend. You just have to know how to play it. 

Que pense-tu?

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