Sunday, September 14, 2014

Boyhood Reunion Party at Scott's house

C'mon-a-my-house (song by Rosemary Clooney)

We're gonna have pizza.... from Vince's on Grant Ave in NE Philly. Thanks for bringing it, Paul!

Whatcha drinkin, Paul?

Now, that's good beer. Let me just wipe me mustache.

Scott drank his first beer in 15 yrs. 

Mike Kramer came with

once bashful wife, Donna Fitzgerald Kramer

Cole Kramer and Mom.

Cole and GF Marissa. Yoo-hoo! Look up from your phones.

But don't let that phone get too far away, blue-eyed Marissa. Before Cole started going with Marissa, he had another girlfriend.

Her name was Marissa.

Paul is a mail carrier. He knows all the dogs en route and has never gotten bit. Cole brought his own Coke. He and Marissa were going to a restaurant, but were kind enough to come to the old farts' party.

 We looked up a childhood friend - Richie - who did that ALS ice bucket challenge. Brrrr!

Deep in their own worlds.

The Three Musketeers used to hang together. They played street hockey on Garland Street, Paul and Scott were in the Boy Scouts together, the three went to Creighton grade school in the Lawncrest section of Philly.

They had lots of laughs recalling their hockey and other escapades.

Donna brought a delicious cream-cheese crab dip, which we served on


C'mon over and share the leftovers with us.

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